Zanu-PF Members Plot To Limit Mnangagwa To One Term

Yesterday, war veterans and senior Zanu PF officials told the Daily News that they were aware of the plot to limit President Mnangagwa to one term in office.

Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Ziyambi Ziyambi said there were Zanu-PF members who are causing price hikes in order to sabotage Mnangagwa. Said Ziyambi:

We are saying let the president serve his two terms. There are some people who are moving in their own direction, who are not supporting our president within the party. We also know that there are some people within the party who are causing price hikes in order to sabotage our president and we are not happy with this. Some of them rush to be party members, trying to cover up their ill-gotten wealth and all these issues are going to be dealt with soon.

War veterans’ secretary-general Victor Matemadanda also confirmed to the Daily News that some people within the party were aiming to dislodge Mnangagwa before the end of his current term. Said Matemadanda:

The country is not led by opinions of certain individuals but by the Constitution. We have a Constitution which says the president must serve two terms and … there is no need to talk about succession now because the president is still serving his first term. It is not about the opinion of certain drunken individuals, but the Constitution.

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Victor MatemadandaZiyambi Ziyambi

Victor Matemadanda is a Zimbabwean liberation War veteran and politician. He is the current Deputy Minister for War Veterans. Matemadanda is the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA). Matemadanda is a member of Zanu-PF and he is part of the... Read More About Victor Matemadanda

Ziyambi Ziyambi is the current Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and member of Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front. Read More About Ziyambi Ziyambi

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  1. Observer Reply

    As far as I am concerned the constitution should be amended to allow 1 term each for the biggest parties. We have noted that Zanu Pf feel they have the mandate to rule the country by virtue of their war credentials, which is unconstitutional. A lot of money has been used recklessly by all parties during the campaigns past and present. Money which would have built better hospitals and schools to stop our politicians (both) from seeking medical services and academic education for their children from across our borders and beyond. What does it help participating in an election that results in arguments and subsequent deaths of people? 5 years for each party will heal our country and stop this so called democracy. Voting would take place at party level instead. Our country deserves better as we have a lot of catching up to do. We could come up with our own model of democracy.

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