Police Commissioner-General Says August 1 Protestors Were Shot By MDC ‘Vanguard’

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has absolved the military from having shot at protesters during the disturbances that rocked Harare CBD on August 1. Giving his testimony before the Motlanthe Commission in Harare on Monday, Matanga blamed an MDC wing known as the Vanguard. Matanga said

Our business people in town are armed. The Vanguard, a military wing in the MDC, is also suspected to be armed, so I can’t say the soldiers fired at the protesters. I am leaving the ends open as to who shot the protesters.

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The Motlanthe Commission

The Motlanthe Commission was a seven-member commission set up to probe the post-election violence that left at least six people dead in Zimbabwe after the July 30, 2018 Elections In Zimbabwe. Former South African president Kgalema Motlanthe was appointed the Chairman of the commission by... Read More About The Motlanthe Commission


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  1. We have to fired this people you are leader of police but you are lying to the public what is this how can you trusted thats you are stealing money.

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