Chamisa Says He Did Not Know About The August 1 Demonstrations

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has said that he was not aware of the demonstrations which took place on August 1 in Harare which led to the killing of 7 civilians. The deaths occurred after the demonstrations reportedly became violent and soldiers were called in to restore order. Responding to one user on microblogging site Twitter, Chamisa said


  1. Nothando1 Reply

    So Chamisa is saying Biti and Mashayamombe addressed the protesters without his knowledge. I know when it is now a case no one is willing to be answerable

  2. Marko Reply

    I was one of the demontrators and we were never send by Chamisa.we went sacrified to go alone there because we felt Chigumba was planning to steal our vote of course of which did anywhere.l was lucky to escape the gun shoots from the soldiers unhurt.indeed the soldiers fired shots as we ran away

  3. Marko Reply

    We as voters we protested on our own.l am a Zanu pf youth who did not vote for emmerson mnangagwa.instead l voted for Chamisa.For change .although the member of parliament l voted Zanu one addressed.the protesters.we thought it on our on.The protesters were not MDC alliance alone .we were a united front .MDC T.Zanu PF .MDC alliance .Zanu ndoga to mention a few.What actualy happened is the nation at large voted for Chamisa as President .Not Mdra.l am not MDC alliance but l voted for Chamisa.l was exercising my right to choose a leader regardless of the party he comes from .So dont blame Chamisa here.blame Chigumba who stole our Vote.l am Zanu PF but l will never in my life time vote for Emmersson Dambudzo .or Chiwenga.l will in future vote for someone in Zanu PF who is not among the two.Remember the people shot on this day were not members of the mdc alliance .It was people doing there daily routine in town .We are not happy as zimbabweans .our vote was stolen.

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