Mazoe Orange Crush Price Increases

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited has increased the retail price for a 2 litre bottle of Mazoe Orange Crush to $4 from $3,20.

In a statement, Schweppes said the price increase was prompted by rising costs of key imported ingredients. Part of the statement reads:

Owing to an increase in the price of manufacturer grade sugar effective November 2018, as well as an increase in costs of local juice, consumables and spare parts, Mazoe orange crush pricing will be adjusted from current recommended retail price of $3,20 to $4,00 per 2l unit effective 7 November 2018.

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Mazoe Orange Crush

Mazoe Orange Crush is a popular juice drink of Zimbabwean origin which is manufactured by Schweppes Zimbabwe. The brand was founded by Arthur Sturgess in Bulawayo in 1930. Mazoe Orange Crush is a product of The Coca-Cola Company which is produced under franchise by Schweppes... Read More About Mazoe Orange Crush

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