Gweru City Council Directors To Get Top Of The Range Cars

Gweru City Council management intends to spend $660 000 for the purchase of six top of the range cars for top officials. The vehicles earmarked for purchase include 4x4s and a Mercedes Benz for mayor Josiah Makombe. Town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza confirmed this development. She said

The plan is to include purchase of the vehicles in the 2019 budget. Gweru city recruited directors in 2016 and since then, no vehicles were purchased for them. As you may be aware, before April 2016, it was only the director of finance who was substantive.

However, Gweru residents’ representatives are not happy with the move. Gweru Resident Forum chairperson Charles Mazorodze said

The city is grappling with the typhoid outbreak and the rehabilitation of the public toilet systems is at its low in the city. Water and sewer services need serious funding to resuscitate them. These are areas where money must be channelled to instead of the cars.

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Formerly Gwelo, Gweru is the capital of the Midlands Province and Zimbabwe's third largest city. It is the main import and export centre as well the most accessible industrial center that oversees markets through South Africa to the South and Mozambique to the east. Read More About Gweru

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  1. Nothando1 Reply

    Its really pathetic that the council is squandering the tax payer`s money whilst the council is offering poor service delivery. Yes its their right to be given cars but they should learn to prioritize people`s health .

  2. Anonymous Reply

    The health system office Zimbabwe doesn’t not have enough ambulances. Yet directors of city councils are getting top of the range cars. You are a shame.of the world.

  3. Shane Edwards Reply

    Imagine if they put that money into the cleaning up, fixing roads, fixing traffic lights … the list is endless …. typical africa …. only the few elite get any benefits – thank goodness I no longer live here! I am visiting family here in Gweru and am appalled and disgusted with the state of Gweru! to think we called this home!!

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