2019 Online Boarding Applications (EMAP) Now Open: Govt

The government has opened online applications for 2019 Form One boarding places with effect from Monday, November 5, 2018, to December 21, 2018. Guardians and parents can now start applying online for their children. Primary and Secondary Deputy Minister Edgar Moyo confirmed the developments. Parents and guardians will be able to make applications through the EMAP platform.

The Electronic Ministry’s Application Platform was launched in 2016. Parents are advised to visit the district and provincial platforms. Deputy Minister Moyo said

Successful applicants would get short message service (SMS) by the respective head and details about individual school enrolment patterns, school and levies area available on the platform.

The advantages of using the platform among others include time efficiency, corruption minimisation, zero registration cost and convenience of applying online safety and securely without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Edgar Moyo

Edgar Moyo is the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Read More About Edgar Moyo


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17 comments on “2019 Online Boarding Applications (EMAP) Now Open: Govt

  1. Please cancel application for Takunda Kalunjeri Candidate Number 0415 and Center Number 015680 applied to the following schools Rusununguko, Sanyati and ZRP

  2. Would like to apply form 1 place for Tinovimba Charedzera .Center number 016980
    Candidate number 0329
    Would like boarding places from
    Moleli high school
    Visitation Makumbe
    Goromonzi High school
    Presubeterian High school

  3. i applied for five schools and I tried to apply for a sixth school but they said that I have applied to
    a maximum number but the ministry said that I can apply fifteen schools, what could be the problem?

  4. My name is Tawanda Marshal Revayi , D.O.B 27 December 2005. And I am boy. I am applying for a place to start my secondary education at Alheit high school in masvingo. I was doing my Primary school education at Muviri primary school and I sat for my grade 7 examination there. I am expecting passes in all subjects

  5. My name is Devine Makwiranzou and
    currently sat down for my grade seven
    exams at David Livingston 2018. I am
    applying for a for one place at the following schools. Moleli high school,
    Goromonzi high school, Nyamuzuwe high school mutoko, Rousvelt girls high
    high and Kutama college.

  6. applied for five schools but no longer interested in three of the schools want to apply to different other schools. candidate number 0343, centre number 068110, candidate name tapiwa mwaita .I want to cancel st mary’s, hartzel high and mutare boys high. can you please assist me to cancel the schools.

  7. I applied for these schools Makumbe Buhera,Chemhanza Wedza,St Annes Goto Wedza ,St Luke Sadza and Daramombe Chivhu up to now there is no reply

  8. Application will need to be reciprocated immediately otherwise this facility will just be an irritation for many aspiring candidates.

  9. Applied to 3 schools without success yet others with poor results getting places.What is selection criteria being used.Masvingo province.

  10. my name is Mnakwethu sibanda.i am a looking for a vacancy and i have not found any.so please assist me

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