Anti-Corruption Commission Willing To Investigate Acie Lumumba

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) commissioner in charge of investigations, Goodson Nguni, told the Daily News yesterday that they are willing to probe William Mutumanje popularly known as Acie Lumumba.

He said ZACC is waiting for someone to write a letter with allegations against Lumumba. Said Nguni:

We are waiting for someone to write a letter with the allegations against Lumumba and after that we will ask the police to arrest him.

This comes after Daily News reported Lumumba was paid $40 000 to smear top Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) officials and businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei. In a recording which Daily News reports is in its possession, Lumumba says his father was sent to India for treatment as part of the deal. Said Lumumba:

The only reason why these people got me is they knew I was really in a tough corner. They knew my father wasn’t feeling well. My father needed an operation. It was actually almost like they tricked me because inini ndakaenda kuna (I went to) … (name of individual withheld on legal advice) and said aah vakomana (gentlemen), how can you guys leave my father suffering like this? You people makashanda mese (you worked together) and you are really going to leave him? Then they said no problem, we will look after him. But there’s something we want you to do.

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Lumumba William Gerald Mutumanje aka Acie Lumumba is a Zimbabwean politician, media personality and entrepreneur. He is a former member of the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). He has been accused of misappropriation of funds and corruption on a number of occasions.... Read More About Acie Lumumba

Goodson Nguni is a Zimbabwean politician, activist and Zanu-PF loyalist. He is the former Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) member in charge of investigations to which he was appointed by President Robert Mugabe in December 2015. Nguni has been reported to have been convicted of fraud... Read More About Goodson Nguni

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), is a body that has the constitutional mandate to corruption. ZACC is administered under the Office of the President and Cabinet. In the past it was under the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is one of the two Chapter 13... Read More About Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission


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One Comment on “Anti-Corruption Commission Willing To Investigate Acie Lumumba

  1. Zimbabwe Anti Corruption – Goodson Nguni should read this and act on it, the contents of this report is factual, I am free of any corruption or bribes – I was Inspector 19 at FIIE under Edson Chiremba – I am not associated with Acie Lumumba.



    FERDI VAN ZYL Industrial Commodity Holdings South Africa
    PIET GREYING Industrial Commodity Holdings South Africa

    Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe awarded contracts to an International Money Laundering Syndicate in South Africa organized by Ferdi Van Zyl and Piet Greyling at (ICH) Industrial Commodity Holdings, Owl Street, City Deep RSA.

    In 2006, The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Dr Gideon Gono awarded substantial contracts to ICH Industrial Commodity Holdings for the importation of thousands of tonnes of ‘’ D ‘’ fertilizer which improves the growth and quality of Maize.
    Knowingly that (ICH) were KEY PLAYERS of the money laundering operation of Industrial Commodity Holdings in South Africa. (ICH)

    Millicent Mombeshora was the Divisional Chief at Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and was also a representative to IMF & World Bank – she was fully aware about the Money Laundering Operation but she reported to Dr Gono the Governor of Reserve Bank and ignored it, she is guilty of HIGH TREASON against her own Zimbabwean people.

    ICH in collusion with 2 other white owned companies in South Africa ‘’Farmers World’’ Cape Town and Birrusa Corporation Kempton Park in RSA, illegally altered the fertilizer from a ‘’D’’ to a blend that would cause maize crops to fail and would result in mass starvation for anyone buying and using the altered fertilizer.

    A carefully planned operation by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The D Compound was made at Sasolburg and Certified by S.A. Global as pure ‘’ D’’ compound and after certification it was illegal to alter the ‘’D’’ compound which was loaded into rail wagons and should have been routed via Beitbridge Gweru Harare to GMB Aspindale for selling to customers.

    There are 2 fertilizer Companies in Zimbabwe, ZFC Kwekwe is majority owned by Zimbabwe Government and Windmill Pvt Ltd is in Harare, both capable of producing the ‘’ D’’ locally and at a cheaper cost and would have provided substantial work for Zimbabwean’s. But this was a clandestine operation.

    The Contracts awarded to ICH were in contravention of Zimbabwe Governments own Tender Board.

    Rerouted and railed to a private rail siding in Tzaneen in Northern Transvaal within South Africa, it was very difficult to locate the rail siding.
    The ‘’ D ‘’ Compound was offloaded by manual labour, employed by Farmers World through their H/O Cape Town using shovels, there were different piles of what appeared to be fertilizer or compounds some mixed with very finely crushed Rose Quartz Crystal.

    An African Adult male named Lloyd, A Malawian by birth, phoned the manager of Farmers World who was out for lunch, he told the manager that a representative of the Reserve Bank and Government of Zimbabwe was investigating the fertilizer and required samples, he did not return.

    Lloyd said, ‘’ the big hopper ‘’ is a mixing machine, but it was not, it was a bagging machine and they used a platform 250kg scale to weigh the fertilizer into 50kg bags.

    Colbro Transport provided trucks running empty from Durban re-routed via Tzaneen to collect and deliver the now altered fertilizer to a mixed compound, a covert operation.

    The ‘’ D ‘’ compound was deliberately altered in Tzaneen to a Blend 7-14-7-4 that blend guaranteed that Maize crops would fail in Zimbabwe for anyone who purchased it such as MDC farmers, supporters of the opposition against Mugabe and by far in the majority.

    From the samples taken back to Harare by me, certified by Lloyd, 2 separate tests were done by Ministry of Agricultural Borrowdale a few days apart, a third test was done by S.O.C.O.T.E.C. based in Newland using CAAZ equipment.

    All, 3 tests were similar, all stated ‘’ It will not grow Maize in Zimbabwe ‘’ the tests cost ZW$5 million each, Cash funds provided by Mirirai Chiremba from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for the three tests.

    UN-WFP was obviously invited to be part of the Money Laundering operation and thereafter purchased their Maize food for Zimbabwe from Zambia but through the (ICH) syndicate in collusion with RBZ the last online report stated that they were still buying Maize through ICH in 2013. Most transporters delivering goods to Zambia and DRC return empty to or via Harare and therefore the Maize paid for by UN-WFP could have been supplied at a far cheaper transport cost.

    RESERVE BANK OF ZIMBABWE Authorized a shelf company to be set up in Harare to channel all these operations through it and millions of US$ was transferred from the Reserve Bank into the MBCA bank under the name of WOOVENVILLE. This bank was formerly named JEWEL Bank and Dr Gono was its Managing Director until his appointment as Governor of RBZ.

    The registered directors of this shelf company was Pattison Timba and his younger brother who set up Woovenville for RBZ Millicent Mombeshora & Minister Chris Mushore Minister of Transport. According to a letter found in a transporter file in Hillside in Harare.
    It was my conclusion that Jamison Timba was used as a pawn and knew nothing about Woovenville.

    On the instruction of VP Joyce Mujuru whom I had meetings at her private home, she instructed me to remove the original documentation from Registrar of Companies and to hand over the documents to her, she was the acting President at that time as Mugabe was out of Zimbabwe.

    Vice President Mujuru was also told by me that Mirirai Chiremba had seized a gold mine in Kwekwe from a poor African family and it was named
    CARSLONE ENTERPRISES (PVT) Ltd. the registered owner on the was Mirirai Chiremba not RBZ. – I told Mujuru that not only that, but Reserve Bank was printing cash notes and it was all stored in the office of Chiremba head of the Financial Intelligence RBZ – most of the cash was being delivered to the illegal gold panners in various parts of Zimbabwe to buy their gold by persons employed by Chiremba at RBZ – They had no investigations experience.

    Huge amounts of cash was given to a man name SHAH an Asian businessman who fueled the black market and foreign currency and regular payments to Police Officers through Superintendent Marodza who worked for RBZ as well as Police. SHAH was frequently seen at the entrance of RBZ waiting for cash.


    Fraud Squad Amhed House covered up the crime and intended to destroy the company records, but they had already been removed on instructions of Vice President Mujuru and delivered to her home in Chisipite.

    US$100 cash notes issued to the RBZ Investigator were tainted in a purple and pink dye that means that the currency was from more than one Armoured Vehicle robbery in South Africa, so how did RBZ come to have this stolen cash and when I tried to cash them at ABSA bank in Messina they were confiscated by the bank.

    James Makamba supplied unlimited Zimbabwean Cash Notes to Cecil Mderede to illegally purchase Zimbabwe grown White ‘’A’’ grade Maize direct from African farmers in contravention of Zimbabwe Government Grain Marketing Board Act.

    Cecil Mderede a Zimbabwean Businessman owned Shankuru Estates at Banket 93 km north of Harare on the route to Kariba and a transport business named CRCM Trucking in Bluff Hill Harare. He bought Zimbabwean grown Maize illegally and sold it to the Zimbabwe Government as imported Maize from South Africa, the Zimbabwe Maize was stored at BAK Storage Harare illegally because there was no customs import papers. It was held in storage under a false name, Ronald Gwatu, used by Mderede to cover his criminal tracks.

    Grain Maketing Board paid Industrial Commodity Holdings (ICH) in Owl Street Johannesburg in United States Dollars cheques, believing that the Maize was imported from South Africa.

    ICH transferred the payments to their bank in New York then transferred US$ back to Absa Bank Sandton South Africa to account of Oakley Investments owned by Cecil Mderede who then transferred US$30,000 per transfer to James Makamba in his Luxembourg foreign account under account name of Telecel Zimbabwe then transferred it to London.

    An International Money Laundering Operation described by ex President Mugabe as HIGH TREASON against the people of Zimbabwe, ‘’ I am buying my own Zimbabwe grown Maize for United States Dollars.’’

    James Makamba was on bail for this crime, but escaped across Lake Kariba into Zambia and then travelled by air to London where he was granted asylum.
    His claim that he gave flowers to Robert Mugabe’s wife was a coverup for his criminal acts.

    Zimbabwe Police Assistant Commissioner Mike Gora was dispatched to South Africa to carry out investigations with his team of Police Superintendents.
    His mission was to carry out investigations concerning
    • Makamba & Mderede in International Money Laundering.

    Sometime in early January 2004, Cecil Mderede referred to as (CM) in this report, had returned from a meeting in Maputo accompanied by South African businessman, Les Hall from Welkin Truck Sales at 31 Miles Sharp Street – Rynfield – Benoni, they had met with Sergio Gomes in Maputo about rescheduling the monthly payments for the purchase of Nemini Carriers in Benoni that CM had bought for over ZAR5million. CM paid a deposit of ZAR1.5 million in November 2003, Balance to be paid over 12 months to pay for the transport company.

    CM had provided evidence to Nemini Carriers that back in Zimbabwe he was the owner of Shankuru Estates in Banket, 93 km north of Harare and he provided proof that he had a United States -World Food Program (US-WFP) contract to supply 20,000 tonnes of White Maize at US$200 per ton annually. A total of US$4 million or ZAR28 million annually.

    He had taken the transfer payments documents that showed the flow of the US$ from Zimbabwe to ICH and back to South Africa and then to Luxembourg to prove that he had the contract. (The money Laundering transfers)

    At the time that this meeting took place, it was an offence in Zimbabwe to purchase Zimbabwean grown Maize which was controlled by the Grain Marketing Board, CM had said that he had the contacts in Zambia and South Africa to import the Maize for UN-WFP.

    All these US$ funds were part of an International Money Laundering operation that passed through ABSA Bank Sandton into OAKLEY INVESTMENTS US$ account owned by CM.

    CM had told Sergio Gomes that he would go to his bank the next day and draw a cheque for ZAR200,000 and hand it to Les Hall for the running of Nemini Carriers, but early next morning CM caught an early plane back to Harare, leaving Les Hall stunned.

    The manager for CM at Nemini Carriers was instructed to phone the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to find out if CM had such a US-WFP, if it was yes then they would wait for CM to come back to South Africa and pay the ZAR200,000.

    Dr Gideon Gono, Governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe asked for these documents to be faxed to his private home as it was around 6pm the next day and after confirming that he had received the US$ transfers he phoned the CM manager and asked to fly to Zimbabwe and bring the transfer documents with him. both met President Mugabe on the 16th January 2004. @ 09:00

    Only Cecil Mderede could have paid so much cash which was supplied unlimited by James Makamba from his M & M stores scattered around Zimbabwe and his Blue Ridge Store 29km from Harare on the road to Juru, In return James Makamba received US$ paid into his Telecel account in Luxembourg account, As well as local farmers even the thieves connected to stolen loads from Northern Products Chinhoyi. The truck drivers received cash ZW$ notes (who else but this syndicate run by CM had such quantities of cash. (As you will read in Carte Blanche Report. May 2004.

    CM was arrested on 8th February 2004 boarding an aircraft for South Africa, that would have been his first visit back to South Africa from the time he failed to pay the ZAR200,000. All of CM assets were Specified by the Zimbabwe Government.

    In 2004, Two employees of the Head Office Grain Marketing Board in Harare were each jailed for 6 years for their part in the crimes committed by CM & Makamba

    ZRP Police was told by his CM manager that every month from the time that he worked for CM, he had to collect an envelope from FEDEX Courier at their Johannesburg Meadowdale depot, he was instructed to collect it and not to open the envelope and personally deliver it to ICH offices in City Deep Johannesburg and hand it to either Ferdi van Zyl or Piet Grayling both directors of ICH.

    CM knew Ferdi Van Zyl and Piet Greyling and Garry Booth when they all worked in Rhodesia prior to 1980 and thereafter in Zimbabwe through Farmers World Harare.

    Within 2 years of CM arrest the Deputy President of Zimbabwe – Joseph Msika had met with Gideon Gono Governor of Reserve Bank and made a financial deal to drop all charges against CM and have all his assets reinstated. This would only have been possible with the authorisation of Dr Gono,
    Governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Commissioner General of the ZRP Police and the Attorney General.

    Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe – Awarded both Maize and Fertilizer contracts to Industrial Commodity Holdings in South Africa, knowing full well that Cecil Mderede was arrested on 8th February 2004 on instructions from President Robert Mugabe for High Treason who was in partnership with Industrial Commodity Holdings and James Makamba Chairman of Telecel Zimbabwe.

    UN-WFP in Harare was buying Maize with Foreign Aid Funds from the same Industrial Commodity Holdings involved in International Money laundering operation in South Africa – they became part of the criminal syndicate. referred to in this report.

    HIGH TREASON Governor of Reserve Bank, Gideon Gono, awarded substantial contracts of Imported Compound ‘’D’’ and Maize imports to the Criminal Syndicate partners of CM in South Africa who were part of that UN-WFP illegal contract in Zimbabwe, Normally all such contracts are put out to tender through the government tender board.

    Trucks were to have been despatched from CRCM Trucking owned by CM in Harare, to collect Maize for Zimbabwe from South Africa for delivery to BAK Storage in Harare, After a period of several months, no trucks came to South Africa, CM said he had decided to use other hired trucks instead.

    BAK Storage in Harare had substantial imported Maize from South Africa imported under the name of Ronald Gwatu and during questioning of staff by ZRP police from the Harare Central Police Station, BAK staff told the police, Look ! there is Ronald Gwatu, Alias CM also at the same Police Station, No, said the Police, that is CM, he had more than one name,

    S.A.T.V. Carte Blanche Report: Presented by ROY BENNETT.
    Was given a detailed typed report with photos by Roy Bennett a farmer from Chimanimani and later was an MP and treasurer of MDC opposition party. He got the information from a customs officer at Chirundu Border with Zimbabwe.

    The South African television program Carte Blanche is renowned for investigative reporting. Broadcast on satellite TV on MNET the producers recently featured their investigations into food smuggling out of Zimbabwe and the corruption involved, dating back to the 1980’s. They said that while the international community was donating hundreds of millions of US dollars in food aid, a handful of Zimbabweans were pocketing a fortune, saying: “They’ve managed to turn the misery in their country into a lucrative business.
    ” The program has opened a real can of worms and provides shocking details of the extent of the corruption, believed to total one hundred million US dollars.

    A former Customs Official told Roy Bennett that he was based at the Zimbabwe Chirundu Border with Zambia where he saw valuable food supplies like sugar, maize and wheat leaving Zimbabwe by the truck load. He said: “It originates from here in Zimbabwe, yet Zimbabweans suffered in severe shortages of the commodities and not able to buy bread because of shortages of Wheat. These goods were exported to Zambia and Congo.

    “There was this guy, Cecil Mderede, he was one of the biggest smugglers, if not the biggest, but he is politically connected, he is very powerful. Those guys they don’t use papers, they bulldoze in, they use their power. If you get in their way that will be the end of you.” This customs official wrote a report about the smuggling of food across the border and was promptly summoned to Harare by his boss and told to resign, or something would happen to him. A former member of the Central Intelligence Agency has obtained affidavits bearing witness to the endless stream of illegal exports, Zimbabweans struggled to buy these commodities in the shops. Mderede had higher connections than the CIO. Robert Mugabe said that CM had even evaded his own CIO investigations.

    The program went on to say that it wasn’t just Cecil Mderede involved. The farm Shankuru Estates at Banket 92 km north of Harare on the road to Kariba, is the farm that is allegedly the headquarters of the smuggling operation, Investigations showed Mderede had been in cahoots with Vice President Msika all along. It’s not only Msika who is implicated but also Ignatius Chombo, Minister of Local Government; General Solomon Mujuru, the ex-commander of the Zimbabwe National Army; Peter Chanetsa, the former Governor of Mashonaland West; and Phillip Chiyangwa, MP for Chinoyi.

    Villagers were told to sell their Maize to Mderede as it wasn’t a problem because Christian Care and World Vision and Save the Children UK would hand out free food from Foreign Aid. Carte Blanche went into great detail to expose exactly how the scam works with Maize being imported, subsidized and resold with the GMB often selling the Maize back to some of the companies who had imported it, but at a fraction of the price originally paid.

    There was a Maize shortage of 500 000 to 600 000 tons. Maize imported was 960 000 tons. That means double the amount of maize needed was imported by the GMB, so there should have been an excess rather than a shortfall, yet the shops shelves were empty.
    There should have been enough to feed the whole country and more, because on top of this, hundreds of thousands of tons in donor food were also pouring into Zimbabwe in the 80’s.

    According to a report from Human Rights Watch, it appears grain bought by the Zimbabwe Government was diverted to foreign markets where ruling party politicians and favoured businessmen could make a profit of up to 220 percent. The mills that have been used, the bags that have been used, the facilities that have been used have been set up and directed for exporting the Maize.

    So there’s over US$100 million dollars being made out of this whole operation. They were stealing from their own people and they were stealing from the goodwill of the Foreign International Community.” Photograph’s were submitted by Roy Bennett of loaded trucks leaving Shankuru Estates late at night under cover of darkness heading to Zambia.‘’


    ICH orders 13,000 tonnes white maize from Zambia 7,000 tonnes of the order bound for Zimbabwe.

    JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa’s Industrial Commodities Holdings (Pty) Ltd has ordered 13,000 tonnes of white maize from Zambia, its chief executive said on Monday.
    Fanie Steyn told Reuters 7,000 tonnes of the order was sold to the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) and bound for Zimbabwe. The rest was destined for South African clients, he said.
    The stock is yet to arrive due to talks over price, he said. He said there was a possibility of more imports from Zambia but gave no idea of the size or timing. “Negotiations have been going on for months. We ordered it two weeks ago,” he said.

    Another industry source had told Reuters over 100,000 tonnes of white maize imports were bound for South Africa by May next year, as the country faces a 1 million tonne harvest deficit.

    He said 1,000 tonnes had already crossed the border in recent weeks, suggesting that locals were seeking out cheaper maize from countries like Zambia, in order to escape soaring prices on the South African Futures Exchange. However, Steyn suggested that price may not be the only reason.

    “It’s not necessarily (about) price. It’s logistics and location,” he said but hinted that finding maize free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) might also be behind the imports.
    • South Africa is one of the only African countries that produces GMO maize, arguing that these crops have the potential to protect it from frequent droughts.
    Maize prices topped 2,000 rand earlier this year as the market contemplated the chances of a maize shortage. South Africa is forecast to have produced 6.9 million tonnes this past 2006/07 season, versus demand of 8 million tonnes



    • There are more crimes committed by Zimbabweans that have robbed Zimbabwe of Billions of US$ all covered up by RBZ and ZRP – I know what they did !

    This report was compiled and Investigated by the RBZ Financial Intelligence Inspector 19

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