Any Citizen Who Calls For Sanctions Must Be Sentenced To Death By A Firing Squad- Zanu-PF MP Dexter Nduna

Member of Parliament for Chegutu West Dexter Nduna has called for Parliament to put in place laws that criminalize the calling of sanctions.

Nduna said any citizen who calls for sanctions should be sentenced to death by a firing squad. Nduna was making a contribution to a report that was presented by Kindness Paradza who attended a workshop to review progress by  Member States on the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 of 2004 calling for the total ban, in warfare, of all forms of Weapons of Mass Destruction including Biological and Chemical weapons. Said Nduna:

I therefore, call upon the powers of this nation and Parliament of Zimbabwe to ratify a motion that says anybody who calls upon any nation to impose sanctions on this country, so that we are unable or impeded in our quest to ratify some of these very genuine protocols that are going to make sure there is complete eradication of weapons of both mass destruction and dangerous chemical weapons, anybody that calls on unilateral or otherwise sanctions who is a citizen of Zimbabwe calls on sanctions on Zimbabwe.  I call as we speak about the removal of death sentence, that person should be sentenced to death by a firing squad.

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  1. Charles Reply

    And what happens to those who by their undemocratic and corrupt practices strive to keep the sanctions in place.

  2. Haha Reply

    I think holding onto your post after losing tells the calibre of the man… Maybe we should start with putting you on the firing squad line

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