I Was Offered $56 Million American Company For My HIV Cure, Says Magaya

Self-proclaimed prophet, Walter Magaya, said today that he was offered $56 million by an American company, to point them to ingredients to what he claims is his HIV cure. Magaya announced today that he has found a cure for HIV and Cancer.

Said Magaya:

I was offered $56 million by an American company for me to point them to the tree. We are the first people to discover this plant, so we have intellectual rights. This plant is not in any botanic records.

[HIV is] an African problem which was waiting for an African solution.

Magaya claims the cure is a mixture of a Zimbabwean plant and a Mozambican one and that it’s scientifically proven. Magaya also said that together with some Indian partners, he has now formed a company called Aretha Medical, which will distribute the drug after it’s been tested by the relevant authorities.


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5 comments on “I Was Offered $56 Million American Company For My HIV Cure, Says Magaya

  1. Pindula, donot taint yourselfs by perpetuating this bullshit. This is bad, you allowing yourselves to become a mouth piece for this scammer.

  2. You need to follow this breakthrough closely and responsibly and note with gratitude what the human civilization is scoring for now in the medical sciences. Ask yourself what your worthiness is in this world as you hear breakthroughs by others. The 56 US$ mln offer speaks about the magnitude of significance of this fundamental breakthrough in medical sciences which will positively alter the medical landscape globally. The offer also speaks of whose monopoly will this breakthrough be Africa, Zimbabwe or Europe, America..watch it closely…. why resist the good things unfolding the world over. I believe if this was pronounced from America, most could have celebrated which would have been fine, but that this is a discovery by Prophet Magaya from Africa, it immediately becomes an issue even with Our Own Black Fellowman. Just imagine out of this discovery what it will mean for Zimbabwe, Africa and the world, jobs, wealth, life longevity, prestige research, pharmaceutical revolution. Fellowman Watch carefully and grasp opportunities instead from this development. Iwe iwee….Unosara wakangoti dosomwa ipapo nekusada budiriro inobva nemusimba raMwari vedu vaAbraham Vakanaka.

  3. Magaya made a choice a long time ago, sell your soul to the Devil and live like a king on Earth. However, the day would come when GOD would balance out the equation. Magaya saw this choice of money over GOD as a better way of life, even for a little while, as compared to the dirt poor Chitungwiza home he was bred from, like Lice. He knew when GOD came to collect, he, Magaya, would lose even the poor, humble beginnings he thought were the worst. It was/is just a matter of time. Fool the people, sure, Fool GOD he hede… Just ask Makandiwa he also knows this full well !!!

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