Stolen $90 000 Belonged To Sandra Ndebele- Money Changer

In an interview with The Chronicle, Ms Simangani Gwemende said musician Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi is demanding that she repays nearly $90 000 which was stolen last week in an illegal money changing deal that went sour.

Mrs Lindiwe Moyo lost $80 000 (bond) and US$ 8 330 to two men and a woman who offered her a lift from Beitbridge to Bulawayo only to speed off without her after they had taken a recess in Colleen Bawn.

Ms Gwemende told The Chronicle Mrs Ndebele-Sibindi is now demanding that she pays back the money and allegedly forced her to sign an affidavit saying she would pay US$1 000 every day until the “debt” is cleared. Said Gwemende:

I work with Sandra Ndebele the singer. She usually gives me money in cash bond notes or bank transfers so that we can buy US dollars. So I also work with several other people who have their own ways of getting the US dollars. So what happened is that she had given me $100 000 bond notes to change it into forex as usual.

When The Chronicle contacted Mrs Ndebele-Sibindi, she claimed that she did not know Ms Gwemende and had nothing to do with the issue. However, the newspaper is in possession of an affidavit written by Ms Gwemende naming Mrs Ndebele-Sibindi in the case.

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Sandra Ndebele

Sandra Ndebele is a female Zimbabwean musician, director, actress, choreographer and dancer. She has made a name for herself in Zimbabwe as a versatile performer, having performed in India, Dubai, China, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada and Japan..She is currently an ambassador for Traffic Safety Council... Read More About Sandra Ndebele

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    Vicious circles of mercilessness, shamelessness, deeply seated in a dog eat dog culture. Will Our Almighty Lord the God of Abraham have mercy as He is a God of Mercy, Justice and Steadfastlove.

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