Mnangagwa Must Deal With Queen Bee- Build Zimbabwe Alliance

In a statement on Twitter, the Noah Manyika led opposition party Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA) said President Mnangagwa should take action against  Queen Bee who was named as the leader of a cartel of corrupt senior RBZ officials by newly appointed chairman of the Ministry of Finance communications taskforce Acie Lumumba.

BZA questioned why Mnangagwa did not turn down the cars that Lumumba said were bought by Queen Bee for former cabinet ministers. The opposition party said the recent revelation by Lumumba could be a tactic to shift the blame from Mnangagwa. Below is BZA’s statement:

is the President of Zimbabwe. He has the majority in parliament & executive power over all state organs such as law enforcement etc. The insinuation that so-called “Queen Bee” illegally runs the fuel industry is baffling . If its true, why doesn’t he subpoena her?

We’ve also been fed the narrative that “Queen Bee” bought the luxury cars for the Zanu PF elite & that the money didn’t come from govt. Well, is head of Zanu PF! Why doesn’t he turn down the so-called gifts? Is he not in charge?

For the past few years we’ve been bogged down with Zanu’s infighting & lack of accountability. It’s predictable that they will play the blame game when they fail to produce results. It seems they’re already preparing for that inevitably. We can’t have another cycle of this.

Mr. President , use your anti-corruption unit, the police & judiciary to investigate & take action if ’s “communications guru” is indeed telling the truth. We say enough of the finger pointing; give us action & results. We are way behind where we should be

Build Zimbabwe AllianceNoah Manyika

The Build Zimbabwe Alliance is Zimbabwean political party that was registered in October 2016. The party is led by Dr. Noah Manyika. The party was formed ahead of the harmonised 2018 elections. Read More About Build Zimbabwe Alliance

Noah Manyika is a Zimbabwean politician and cleric based in the United States of America. He is the current leader of the political party Build Zimbabwe Alliance and a Senior Pastor of NeXus Church and president and founder of NeXus Ministries. Read More About Noah Manyika

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Acie Lumumba, well done with what you have said. Our country is struggling to take off because of all evil, greedy and corrupt people.
    How can they do that to their own country. Black men, value your country and stop destroying it. Leave it for your grand children and generation coming. This is very embarrassing if its true. I don’t think all these people doing this to their own country have any qualifications. This is a result of the Nepotism. Unless nepotism is stopped, we will witness Zimbabwe being buried

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