Mthuli Ncube Did Not Consult Us On Fiscal, Monetary Policies: Zanu-PF Distances Itself

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The ruling Zanu-PF party has distanced itself from the fiscal and monetary policy statement which were recently announced by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya. The policy statements resulted in an increase in food prices and a shortage of basic commodities as the exchange rates for foreign currency started skyrocketing. Zanu-PF’s Secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu who of late has been preaching that the party is superior to government distanced the party from the new policies saying that the party had not been consulted on the new measures. Appearing on national television, Mpofu said,

The so-called the new financial reforms which have caused price hikes and the response you have seen from business were done without consultations and Zanu PF will not allow that.

However, Mpofu’s assertions seem to contradict President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was unapologetic about the 2 per cent tax on money transfers recently announced by Ncube.  Mnangagwa insisted that the government is looking at pleasing the economy and not the taxpayer. Said Mnangagwa,

We will not please the taxpayer, no, we want to please the economy of the country, not the individual. The individual, myself, yourself must make sure that we produce and produce and produce. We need productivity, productivity, for us to earn the foreign currency which we can use to modernise and retool both industry and commerce. It will not come from anywhere but from productivity.


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  1. Mimi Reply

    Mthuli Ncube as a professional, is he supposed to consult Zanu PF?
    At least now he knows why Nkosana Moyo resigned, you cant marry the two but in Zimbabwe you have to be married to Zanu PF.
    If what Mthuli has done is wrong, as a party please come up with fast solutions to this never ending crisis that you created and you continually continue to cause.

  2. Zezani Reply

    Shame on Obed Mpofu. He is the least qualified person to make such a pathetic comment. In his history as a minister what achievemet has done. Mthuli is sweating out trying to sort out the mess that Obed and his compatriots created. All ge should do is shut up. At least if he has nothing to say.

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