Civilian Shot Dead In Harare CBD, Shooter’s Car Burned [Updated]

A man died in Harare earlier today, near corner Kwame Nkrumah and Angwa Street after he was shot in the head by another civilian. The alleged shooter who was wearing the scarf which has been popularised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reported to have parked his car at QV Pharmacy. When he was asked to pay for parking by the youths who are reported to control the parking in the are, the alleged shooter refused to do so,  insisting that he would only pay to an official from the City of Harare.

This resulted in an argument between the shooter and the youths. The argument escalated quickly and the youths started assaulting the shooter who tried to flee from them. While attempting to escape, he pulled out his firearm and fired two shots. One of the shots hit a woman who was not involved in the situation although reports say it is not fatal. The second shot which was fatal, hit one of the parking assistants who had joined in the fray and had rushed to catch the alleged shooter as he was running away. He died on the spot after being hit on the head.

After firing the shots, the shooter was caught and beaten up the youths. The youths went on to torch the alleged shooter’s car.


We publish the statement from the Zimbabwe Republic Police on the incident below in full,

The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the death of a 40 year old man following a shooting incident that occurred at the corner of Angwa Street and Nkwarne Nkrumah near QV Pharmacy, Harare today, 10 October 2018 in the morning.

Circumstances are that a 24 year old man parked his Subaru car at the corner of Angwa Street and Nkwame Nkrumah, Harare and left his two sisters in the car whilst carrying out business in the Central Business District. Five men approached the sisters who were seated in the Subaru car and demanded that the car be removed from where it was parked.

A dispute arose and the two sisters called the owner of the vehicle to come back. When the owner of the vehicle came back, a scuffle ensued resulting in the owner of the Subaru vehicle drawing out a pistol. He then fired a shot which resulted in the death of the 40 year old man.

The mob that had gathered then became violent and set on fire the Subaru vehicle. The police quickly moved in and managed to arrest the 24 year old man and the four men who had incited the violence.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to warn members of the public to desist from interfering with movement of traffic and allocation of parking space for motor vehicles in the Central Business Districts. The law will certainly take its course on people
who engage in activities bent on hindering the maintenance of law and order. The Zimbabwe Republic Police is continuing to carry out investigations in this unfortunate shooting incident.



Image Credit: Patson Dzamara
Image Credit: Clarkson Mambo
Image Credit: Clarkson Mambo


The FeedZw managed to interview the deceased’s wife.

Article will be updated as more details come in.


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8 comments on “Civilian Shot Dead In Harare CBD, Shooter’s Car Burned [Updated]

  1. Yet another senseless death in a country with no justice. Who would have thought Zimbabwe would one day be counting public civilian deaths caused by guns.
    This is a hard version of the story to believe. Those youths have been there for the longest time. They are definitely annoying and should be “cleaned up” out of the city but violent? I haven’t seen such. I have personally told them I don’t pay for services where I don’t get a receipt and have sometimes just said I don’t have anything to pay you with and the most I’ve gotten from them is a disappointed look.
    I’d imagine an escalated argument over such a matter would result in the guy moving his car or something, not pulling a gun. There must be more to this.

  2. Touts are a pain to the entire nation….they need to be dealt with by force!
    Unfortunately loss of life is always difficult

  3. We don’t shoot to kill in circumstances witnessed by people. We shoot to discourage further aggression. There is nothing to show the assailant was in eminent danger for just refusing to pay for a parking.
    How many rounds of ammunition did he have. How many did he fire.
    There are a lot of questions to be answered otherwise this should be treated as 1st class murder.

  4. How does a 24 year old person end up with a gun ? This man was clearly overzealous we all have had to deal with touts and I have a lot if incidents where I just tell them my brothers I have no money today will sort u out the nxt tym I come and ey r ok with tt .it’s never ok to fire at an unarmed person yet all the police are a dressing is the issue of touts tt ey are already fully aware of and overlook anyway .we need to see justice be done this is unacceptable

  5. I think personally touts should be driven out of town, they cause unnecessary chaos. I was there and these guys were throwing missiles at the shooter. If they were not extorting the public this would not have hapenned.

  6. Unfortunately people will probably try to politicize this situation, hence the mention of the “scarf”… But truth be told the guy was just protecting his family and defending himself. The touts were harassing and threatening the women in the vehicle (bullying) and vakaonererwa even after the guy pulled out his gun. It is clear that their actions were beyond wanting a dollar from the guy for parking space. Anyway the guy was right in requesting to pay a council official…!!!!!

  7. Those touts guys hev no respect,going into the cbd with a vehicle is now a frightening thing because of their attitude and behaviour.remember the mbudzi round about incident ,now the cbd incident,.something need to be done before its too late

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