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If you have wanted to buy honey in Zimbabwe, you probably were concerned if the honey was real raw honey, or if extras (sugar and so on) had been added.

It’s not hard to find out if the honey you are buying is real. Here’s a short guide:

  1. First, know that there’s a difference between raw honey and regular honey. Most honey supermarkets (or that which people buy on highway roadsides) is not raw. It has Sugars and Sweeteners added.
  2. Raw honey is not crystal clear. It hasn’t been processed beyond taking it out of the beehives and packaging it. Sometimes it even has bee pollen flecks and honeycomb bits.
  3. If you have bought the honey, you can test if its real honey by just pouring a bit on a newspaper sheet. Raw honey will not wet the newspaper and shouldn’t seep from the underside.
  4. Raw honey granulates over time to form thicker honey at the bottom of the jar.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you for the information, have always been worried about hw to determine pure honey from the processed one. Many thanks

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