Elton Mangoma Retires From Active Politics

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) leader and former Energy Minister Elton Mangoma has retired from active politics. Announcing his retirement, Mangoma said that he had played his part and urged other people to consider taking a back seat when they have contributed to the country’s politics. Mangoma who was a losing presidential candidate in the July 30 elections said that he is retiring with no regrets as he had learned and experienced a lot from his time in politics. Speaking to New Zimbabwe, Mangoma said,

I have now quit active politics and am now taking a back seat as I believe I have done my part in the last two decades. Retiring from active politics is something that has been missing in the Zimbabweans politics. There comes a time when you must say I have done my part in terms of political participation and that you need to be taking a back seat and start to think of the nation at large and that is the essentially the step I have taken.

…I don’t have any regrets at all. I have had many lessons and the lessons I have had, the experiences I have had, have shown that the majority of our leaders do it for themselves and not for people. And therefore, I think we want to have a culture where when people who take public office to say that I am doing it for the benefit of the people and not for their own benefit.

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