MDC Alliance Divided Over Mnangagwa’s Offer To Formally Recognise Chamisa As Opposition Leader

Politicians from the opposition MDC Alliance are reported to be divided on whether Nelson Chamisa should accept President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s offer to formally recognise him as the leader of the opposition. This comes after Mnangagwa told Bloomberg television that he plans to adopt the Commonwealth parliamentary democracy system in which the leader of the opposition is formally recognised and gets a salary from the government. Nelson Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda has said that Chamisa is open to dialogue in the interests of doing what is best for the country.

However, others in the opposition are skeptical with some politicians telling NewsDay,

He cannot accept that offer. It’s a kiss of death for the opposition. Remember, we walked out of Parliament when Mnangagwa was presenting his State of the Nation Address because we don’t accept his victory, so taking a salary and that recognition from Mnangagwa would be endorsing his presidency through a bribe…Why would he make such pronouncements for the first time in New York? That line is not official. ED is known for lying. He just said that for the media and we are not yet sure what trick he wants to play. But his PR handlers have told him to appear as a statesman who is building the country, yet in reality, he is a repressive junta leader.

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Some, however, are open to a compromise, telling NewsDay,

There are internal discussions between Chamisa and his inner circle. He is willing to compromise, never mind the public posturing. Chamisa is willing to put the country first. The talk about dialogue is real, but, unfortunately, this seems to be coming a bit late…


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