I Will Not Overstay Even If People Love Me, I Want To Entrench Constitutionalism: Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that he will not overstay as president because he wants to entrench constitutionalism in the country. Mnangagwa had previously hinted that he will still be around in 2030, two years after the end of his 10-year constitutional term. However, in an interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour, Mnangagwa said, that 10 years was sufficient for him to implement his plans. Here is an excerpt from the interview,

ED: The issue is that under Commonwealth parliamentary democracy, the political party which has the majority in Parliament chooses its leader, and my predecessor was generally being accepted by his party. But now under the new Constitution, which came into effect on the 22nd of May 2013, we have now limited the terms of presidency to two terms – if you are able to have two terms. But beyond that, the Constitution forbids …

CA: (Interjecting) you have pledged that you will abide by that…

ED: I’d like to entrench constitutionalism in Zimbabwe…

CA: (Interjecting) Will you abide by the …

ED: I will abide by that without any iota of resistance at all. Even if the people love me, I will still go away because I believe constitutionalism is important. In fact, we must give people the chance to have other leaders. Ten years is not a short period. In my view, it’s quite a long period; and if you have a vision, a period long enough to implement your vision.



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One Comment on “I Will Not Overstay Even If People Love Me, I Want To Entrench Constitutionalism: Mnangagwa

  1. Yes we’ll said Mr President. In any case by that time you will have reached an age where most people begin to lose it. Ten years is a long time to show what you are made of. Live the spirit, keep it up!!

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