Filling Stations Run Dry

Filling stations ran dry due to a crisis that the government blamed on panic buying.The crisis forced motorists to que for hours yesterday to try to buy petrol.

Several petrol stations around the country had run out of petrol while motorists waited in long queues at the few stations that were still open.

At some service stations, attendants are demanding payment in cash only.

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Joram Gumbo The Energy minister appealed to motorists to stop hoarding fuel while insisting the situation will be normalized soon.

Said Gumbo:

Fuel operators received their weekly allocation of forex for fuel on Thursday, September 20, 2018.Since then, all fuel operators have been picking their fuel allocation from Msasa and Feruka and distributing it countrywide.However, due to logistical challenges, some parts of the country, especially the southern provinces may experience delays in receiving fuel as it is in transit but be assured that by end of this weekend, every part will be adequately supplied.

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