How To Save A Few Pennies When You Visit Zimbabwe

It’s always a good thing to do a bit of research before you visit Zimbabwe because you may walk into a money exhausting rut that will spoil your holiday, or business trip memories.

Most of us have relatives or business associates in Zimbabwe who are more than willing to supply all the information you need whenever you ask for help pertaining to how things work in Zimbabwe.

However, its always good to have a bit of background on what you can do to save a few pennies when you visit Zimbabwe for whatever reason.

So What can you do to save a few pennies?

  1. Change your forex into local currency – According to the RBZ, the rate for the USD against the Zimbabwean Bond is 1 as to 1. While this is true, Forex is a bit scarce these days and you are better off changing your money into a local currency that allows you to buy more goods and services. While its no secret that the black market rates are way above the formal rates, some goods are now priced in forex. Therefore if you certainly don’t want to change your to have Bond in your pocket ask for the price of the good or service in USD. Please note if the price is the same, it may be a rip-off and it’s always wise to try and save your hard earned cash by looking for an alternative.
  2. Consider having a local line so that you can use mobile money – mobile money platforms like EcoCash, OneMoney and TeleCash will offer you convenience, like buying airtime, and paying for some services easily and sending cash to other people can be done in a few simple clicks. While roaming is good and convenient, it’s better to have a local line so that you can also benefit from its advantages. It takes an hour to register yourself on some of these mobile platforms and you can start transacting. You can even transfer some of your money into that platform using the local Ecocash agents who are all over town. Just don’t allow them to rip you off.
  3. ZINARA Mobile Money payment registration – Zinara the authority that collects toll fees at all toll gates accepts cash, swipe and mobile money for toll fees. If you want to use mobile money then you have to register first. You can register for Ecocash by following these steps. This process of paying using Ecocash etc will preserve your hard earned cash if you are going to travel out of the major cities and you may need it for other things during your trip.

These small tips will save you a little bit of money and you can stretch your dollar further and enjoy your holiday/trip.

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