Govt Suspends Purchase Of Vehicles For Ministers, MPs To Deal With Cholera

Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube has said that the government has temporarily shelved the purchase of vehicles for ministers and members of parliament (MPs) in order use the resources to fight the cholera outbreak. The government is expected to spend $20 million for the purchase of new vehicles for the 350 legislators. Ministers are also entitled to 3 vehicles, Mercedes-Benz sedans, Range Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers. Deputy ministers are entitled to 2 vehicles, all-terrain Mazda BT50s as well as Mercedes-Benz sedans.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Ncube said,

With the 15.7 million that the government has pledged towards the outbreak of cholera, we suspended things like purchase of vehicles for Ministers and Members of Parliament to make sure that we deal with this outbreak immediately. Of cause there is still a gap, it’s a long-term gap in the sense that we still need further investments within the sector so that there will be further resources from the public.

Crowdfunding is not new, l just brought it to Zimbabwe remember after September 11 this was done of cause l am not trying to compare our selves with other governments but politicians in the United States use crowdfunding to raise money from as little as a dollar to finance whatever they are doing


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Mthuli Ncube

Professor Mthuli Ncube is the Minister of Finance and Economic Development.He was the Chief Economist and Vice President of the African Development Bank ,financial, economics, investment, and public policy expert, entrepreneur and academic. Professor Ncube divides his time between the private sector in Switzerland and... Read More About Mthuli Ncube


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One Comment on “Govt Suspends Purchase Of Vehicles For Ministers, MPs To Deal With Cholera

  1. Its a good idea to suspend the purchase. With your proposed streamlining of government expenditure, don’t you think it will be a great idea to approach our Quest Motors in Mutare to supply MPs and Ministers with the vehicles they need Mr Minister? This will create employment to our locals as well as promoting our local industry and improving our reserves level.
    Sometimes we need to to deal with whats there on the ground. If every common Zimbabwean can use Kombies to travel, why cant our Ministers to the same. Learn from Tanzania.

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