Zimbo Shopper Apologizes To Customers, Blames Disgruntled Employee For Sabotaging Company

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Facebook-based retail business, Zimbo Shopper has apologised to its customers and potential customers for the bad service they have received recently. The page apologised for the rude and obnoxious posts and replies on its Facebook page which the company blamed on a disgruntled employee who wanted to sabotage the company. In an apology, the page wrote

Good evening my fellow Zimbabweans.

I’m the owner of ZimboShopper. I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the offensive posts made by a disgruntled employee at our SA office who runs our Facebook page. I was only made aware of the posts by a client who has been with us since I started the company 5 years back. Our clients would tell you that, these posts don’t reflect our values and goes against all the efforts that we have put building this business. It’s not always possible for me to directly monitor the activities on this page as do work elsewhere. I’m quite shaken and I’m making this a police case as the aim of the employee was to destroy the business.

ZimboShopper serves all Zimbabweans from all walks of life and don’t discriminate on income basis. I personally grew up in high-density area of Glen Norah. Even though I have fallen victim, my heart goes to all who have been on the receiving end of these vicious attacks. I apologize.

Here are some of the posts which infuriated customers:

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