Oscar Pambuka Changes Career ,Takes Up Zim Dancehall

Former ZBC news anchor Oscar Pambuka has Changed careers, From a news anchor to a Zim Dancehall chanter

Watch the Video Below  of Pambuka’s  exhibiting his chanting skills and new trade

Oscar PambukaZBC

Oscar Pambuka is a Zimbabwean journalist, entrepreneur and Zimdancehall musician. In November 2018, following a trial on corruption charges, Pambuka along with co-accused, Psychology Maziwisa was convicted of defrauding the Zimbabwe Power Company of $12,500 in a PR deal. They were sentenced to 6 years... Read More About Oscar Pambuka

Zimbabwe Broadcasting corporation is a state controlled broadcaster in Zimbabwe. Read More About ZBC

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  1. Jojo Reply

    I like that Oscar, flexibility, not to be born a news reader die a news reader kind of person, whether its by choice or not does not really matter, one does not have to be nostalgic and stuck in the past, enjoy life and move on Oscar.

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