New Zanu-PF Secretary For Youth To Establish National Youth Database For Employment

Newly appointed Zanu-PF secretary for Youth, Lewis Matutu has said that he is going to establish a national database for the country’s youth. The proposed database will contain details of people’s skills, areas of interest for work and skills development among other things. Matutu also made it clear that the database is not limited to graduates as skills are not only acquired through formal education. Writing on social media, Matutu said,

As part of my new mandate l have started working on establishing a national youth database containing one’s qualifications or acquired skills and area of interest in terms of employment and skills development…Graduates are not the only young people in the country

We have many young people who didn’t make it to university but have acquired other skills…Skills are not only acquired through formal education…The information will be shared soon and registration will be done online.

Matutu was named as the new Secretary for Youth after Pupurai Togarepi was appointed as Zanu-PF’s chief whip in Parliament. However, Matutu still remains as Togarepi’s deputy in the Zanu-PF Youth League.

Pupurai TogarepiYouth League

Pupurai Togarepi is a Zimbabwean politician and the Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Zanu-PF party. In December 2017 he replaced Kudzai Chipanga as the youth league boss. Pupurai Togarepi is also head of prudential services at Insurance and Pension Commission (IPEC)..Togarepi has vast knowledge... Read More About Pupurai Togarepi

The Zanu PF Youth League is a wing of the party for people less than 40 years of age. Read More About Youth League


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