War Veterans Insist RGM International Airport Should Be Renamed Despite Mugabe’s Support For Mnangagwa


Zanu-PF’s Secretary for War Veterans and spokesperson for the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, Douglas Mahiya has insisted that the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport should be renamed despite former President Robert Mugabe now endorsing President Emmerson Mnangagwa. In an interview with NewsDay, Mahiya said

What Mugabe did to identify himself with the opposition, the enemies of the revolution, at the juncture, he must be judged against that. He misfired…Mugabe will be treated like anyone else who left the party and wants to be readmitted into the party. He has to re-join the party through the cells and rise again through the ranks.

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The renaming of the airport was done by Kudzai Chipanga (Zanu PF former national youth leader). It was not after all people who agreed to it.
It was Chipanga who gave a deadline that if it is not done, and no minister would sit at the high table. Are we going to maintain the G40 vow? The renaming was just a G40 assertion and we are saying: No!

…Yes, it has to be renamed.


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One Comment on “War Veterans Insist RGM International Airport Should Be Renamed Despite Mugabe’s Support For Mnangagwa

  1. You better be quick in renaming it. Otherwise many people are avoiding using that airport because of its name. People are still having bad nightmares because of what people went through during RGM regime. 37 years of hell was not a joke. People don’t want to hear about that name. Please help by removing it. It’s only bad things to remember when you RGM name

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