Makandiwa Speaks On Sanctions

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Speaking to congregants at the United Family International Church’s Chitungwiza Basilica on Sunday, Emmanuel Makandiwa said Zimbabwe will prosper soon despite the sanctions on the country.

Makandiwa said those countries which fail to handle Zimbabwe’s matters will go down. Said Makandiwa:

Sanctions is not an economic term, it’s witchcraft. It means whatever power you have it will not work for you. We know how sanctions can destroy any nation regardless of who is in charge.  But I believe that God has this country at heart and it is this God who is returning the country to prosperity. Zimbabwe will prosper very soon. There is no country with the word of God such as this one. God is about to do something. Kune dzimwe nyika dzichasara nemakey muhomwe asi chain dzakadonha kare. (Some of these countries will have the fallacy that their sanctions are still having an effect when in fact Zimbabwe would have escaped such bondage.) Zimbabwe has now become a very sensitive nation. It will cause other nations to go down if these nations are not careful. There are fortified nations that never had problems in the past,  but they have to be very careful now in the way they handle Zimbabwe’s matters.

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United Family International ChurchChitungwiza

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Chitungwiza is a dormitory town found some 30 km, from Harare. The town is known for producing some of the finest musicians such as Alick Macheso and Mechanic Manyeruke. The latest popuation survey(2012) revealed that the city has In 2013 it made international headlines after... Read More About Chitungwiza

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  1. Moses Rodgers Reply

    Washaya mashoko here, mwari anotii ne munhu anobirra varombo pachena sewe kudai

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I hope some of these church leaders must concentrate on the salvation of people and avoid making prophecies that are based on their opinions and wishes many times before God has reproved such and still does ,time is far spent let’s check our lives against the Word of God

  3. mazicobomoco7 Reply

    Thank you man of God for giving the nation hope of prosperity in this dawn of era

  4. Farai J Nhire Reply

    Even common sense can tell anyone who follows world current affairs that America is no longer the bull it used to be a couple of decades ago.

  5. Mimi Reply

    Ko marwadziwa nei? anobirwa mari anoenda kumapurisa, and who are you saying is poor, if l can give i’m not poor, its because of the word that is preached by the prophet that deters people from becoming violent or losing hope in this great country of ours.
    And there is no common sense that tells you the economy is going to change, musarwadziwe kuti pane vamwe vakadiwa nedenga vanotaurwa navo naMwari.
    Hatina kufanana in the spirit realm, facts are stubborn.
    Thank you for giving us hope again in this nation.

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