War Veterans Slam Trump, Support South Africa’s Decision To Seize Land Without Compensation

War veterans’ secretary general Victor Matemadanda criticised United States President Donald Trump for interfering in South Africa’s land reform issue saying US “should cease its ‘big brother’ approach and allow sovereign nations to govern themselves without fear of being sanctioned by them”.

Matemadanda also said Zimbabwe’s War Veterans are behind the ANC’s decision that the party will amend the Constitution to pave the way for expropriation. He said there is no illegal way of distributing land saying colonisers took the land in cold blood. Said Matemadanda:

We are in solidarity with our neighbouring nation and we pray that they do not give in to the unnecessary attention from the West. They (Mr Trump and America) should stop interfering in South African internal matters, they have no right whatsoever. As war vets from both countries, we fought side by side and it was mainly for our independence from the colonial grip and for our land. If South Africa wants its land back, it’s their call and should be respected. What South Africa needs to do is to be morally correct to its oppressed citizens and there is no illegal way of doing that.They might argue about the method we use, accusing us of violating rights, but when they were illegally grabbing land from us it was fine. Were our forefathers happy to die when they were seizing the land and did anyone in the moral world condemn it? They took our land in cold blood.

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2 comments on “War Veterans Slam Trump, Support South Africa’s Decision To Seize Land Without Compensation

  1. This is the politics that we are moving away from . Trump and USA are a sovereign country they can play with who they want , just like we have such a right . Matemadanda stop grandstanding and telling America off, leave them alone . This is the kind of nonsense that Mugabe always exhibited and we got stuck with our loud mouths . Shut up do your work

  2. the big question is why is America all over do they think they are clever than anyone under the blue sky, they were shamed by north Korea, Iran and Zimbabwe now its south Africa.

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