Forget About Reforms, What Is Needed Is A Revolution: Jonathan Moyo


Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has said that it is useless to continue calling for reforms as the ruling Zanu-PF party will never reform from within or from outside. Moyo goes on to stay what is needed is a revolution considering that Nelson Chamisa won well over 2 million votes in the presidential election. According to Moyo the revolution is already underway and only needs to be managed. Writing on social media, Moyo says,

Zanu-PF can celebrate its poll theft & resultant power grab for all it wants. But the writing is on the wall. People now know how to win; next is how to defend their win. For Zanu-PF to win in future, with little support in urban areas, it must undevelop & underdevelop villages!

It’s irrational to keep doing or talking about the same thing for more than two decades & expect a different result. Forget about REFORMS. ZanuPF will not reform from within or be reformed from outside. What is CONSTITUTIONALLY needed is a revolutionary approach for a REVOLUTION!

So no, it’s not about REFORMS, but about a REVOLUTION. That revolution is already underway. The people have moved and are moving. They have realigned & created a new social base that explains the over 2 million votes @nelsonchamisa got. It’s only the leadership that’s misaligned!

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7 comments on “Forget About Reforms, What Is Needed Is A Revolution: Jonathan Moyo

  1. In response to Jonathan Moyo who says Zimbabwe needs a Revolution,I wonder if this notion kicked in his mind when he was still in government.These are people who never cared about the suffering of Zimbabweans when things favoured them.They kept on making themselves rich and fighting for positions.Only when they got kicked out did they start to see the reality of the Zimbabwean situation.Remember he is one of the people who was at the forefront to introduce some of the draconian policies to have things go their way.You fall into a pit you dug for others!No sensible person can take Jonathan Moyo seriously.Imagine if the G-40 managed to keep themselves in power of which he was the spin-docter,what could have happened?These people had reached a situation where they thought Zimbabwe was their personal property and could do whatever they wanted.Jonathan is an agrieved person and wants to take every down with himself.

  2. Continue barking uri ikoko…..ukangoita mistake yekupinda muZim chete pako papera….batai munhu makey etirongo mukande munyanza….musoro bhangu….

  3. Jonathan is now blaming everything about ZANU PF but 10 months down the line he was part of ZANU PF. The guy is really bitter, let him continue talking, kungovukura vukura.

  4. jona you sound bitter uchaita stress we have already moved on with ED whether you bark or cry things wont change and if you come a cell has been spared for you specially designed for corrupt professors and you perfectly fit in it.

  5. Jonah jonah dai waitaura izvi urimo muzanu now it seems kuti iribho haisi bhoo kana wabudamo. I need to ask you something what was your mission as the King pin of G40

  6. I agree with Professor Jonathan Moyo. That we need a complete turnabout from the way the regime is operating. We need to take the game into another level and play the cards wisely. We can never beat world economics and trade if we are still holding on to mechanisms of the past such as the ones being perpetrated by the current regime. The educated people – young generation especially, know that the current regime is clueless when it comes to driving the economy. We cannot be waiting for farming inputs and command agriculture in a world that is now driven by technology. Zimbabwe is not going to move forward by reviving old industries and re-opening old farms. No. What we need is to use technology to the fullest, from the mining sector right upto the production sector everything should be IT driven. Where can we fit in the current trade wars if we are not showing innovation in our home ground. My take is that, in order to move Zim onwards and upwards in the world, young and educated leaders are needed who can strike deals with major IT companies in the world to use our brain resource (graduates) to develop world class remedies for the whole global population. The biggest resource that Zimbabwe has currently is educated people in art, science and economics. Unfortunately, these very educated graduates are eroding their hard earned knowledge through informal businesses which are providing bread and butter alone. The rest of our scholars building super economies and industries in the diaspora (Dubai, USA, UK, German, Australia, etc) and neighbouring countries (SA, Botswana, Namibia). When you look at how these Zimbos in diaspora have changed the world you will be shocked why our very own Zim has not changed. Its simply because the direction of our leadership is not to develop the country, but to develop the party people. Our revolution is to bring young and educated people into leadership and governance. and develop programs that are aimed at driving Zimbabwe to being the powerhouse of knowledge and innovation in the global economic environment.

  7. Now you want a revolution because you are nothing. Revolution was done way back when you and your uncle bob where ousted now you want to lead a revolution from exile come back and lead from the front stupid professor

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