JSC Dismisses Reports Justice Bharat Patel Has Been Taken In By US Embassy After Failed Assassination Attempt

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) acting secretary Mr Walter Chikwana dismissed as false social media reports that Justice Bharat Patel, a Constitutional Court judge, survived an assassination attempt over the weekend.

Reports circulating on Twitter and WhatsApp platforms allege that Justice Patel and his family were now living in danger and had sought sanctuary at the United States Embassy in Harare. Said Chikwana:

I can confirm that the judge is safe and sound. The report is false. The judge is safe and sound and I have just spoken to him now.

He warned the public against peddling falsehoods, saying it was a criminal act.

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  1. Chaporonga Reply

    Social media is always abused, there are some people who always want to tarnish the of our country using social media as a platform.

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