We Will Introduce Patriot Act, Anyone Who Calls For Sanctions Will Be Hanged – Zanu-PF Youth League Boss

Zanu-PF national secretary for Youth Affairs Pupurai Togarepi who was recently elected as the legislator for Gutu South has said that he will introduce a law which will punish all those who call for sanctions against Zimbabwe. This comes after United States President Donal Trump signed the Zidera Amendment into law. Speaking to Daily News, Togarepi said,

This Parliament will pass the Patriotic Act. Anyone who calls for economic sanctions to be hanged and their political parties banned. It is going to be my first contribution in Parliament so that it will come to fruition.

We know that Tendai Biti went to America to call for sanctions. It’s not good that you want to be a leader but you are calling for sanctions. You are a Zimbabwean. You want Zimbabwean people to suffer. This is not good. People who are calling for sanctions must not look for higher offices in Zimbabwe. Why don’t we go to Parliament so that we prohibit all those who are calling for sanctions? Zimbabweans are suffering because of these people, we want to stop this.

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Pupurai TogarepiTendai Biti

Pupurai Togarepi is a Zimbabwean politician and the Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Zanu-PF party. In December 2017 he replaced Kudzai Chipanga as the youth league boss. Pupurai Togarepi is also head of prudential services at Insurance and Pension Commission (IPEC)..Togarepi has vast knowledge... Read More About Pupurai Togarepi

Tendai Laxton Biti is a politician and currently one of the 3 Vice Presidents of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). He was elected the vice presidency in May 2019 at the MDC Congress. Biti is also one of Zimbabwe's most prominent lawyers. Biti is... Read More About Tendai Biti


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8 comments on “We Will Introduce Patriot Act, Anyone Who Calls For Sanctions Will Be Hanged – Zanu-PF Youth League Boss

  1. True what kind of leadership is that. Tendai Biti was running away from his sins and then says he was running away for his dear life. Seriously do we think Zanu pf could kill or torture him whilst everyone watching and waiting for that. Politicians stop playing with people ‘s minds and lives. Tendai wanted sympathy and popularity. Stop fooling innocent people and playing games we want progress, jobs etc, MDC leadership needs to mature. I

  2. Oh Stop It!! I am totally anti sanctions, but to speak of legislation and hanging – that is pure stupidity and not something that the current ZanuPF I know would appreciate coming out of a young leader’s mouth. It’s comments like the above that reinforce outside opinion on Zimbabwe. Let’s prove them wrong – let’s rather show them that the majority of Zimbabwean’s do not support sanctions in the form of solidarity, sign petitions and put pressure on in a peaceful and mature way.

  3. Sanctions are meant to protect us monies. Saka you want to hang some1 who has advised an investor that your money is not safe. Poor propaganda reasoning. Noone should be blamed for sanctions . We have to fix our own mess starting by our main nationalist party’s owning up and account for their gross debts which defaulted in 1999. Abuse of state resources through distributing by intimidating opposition sympathizers does not create a fertile ground for FDI

  4. for those who are against the suggestion of the Patriotict Act, how is calling for sanctions different to calling for a military attack on Zimbabwe regardless of who calls for it. Im not sure about the hanging bit but I think the idea of calling for sanctions is as terrible as calling for an invasion on Zimbabwe. Not that i care much what is decided i have since given up my Zimbabwean citizenship and moved my whole family out of Zimbabwe, yes all my family including parents. So kana muchida henyu masanctions itai inyika yenyu.

  5. its better for sure not to have a president who behaves like a school child eish its disgusting chamisa needs to learn a lot i think he was to liberal asiri kumbotsiurwa coz kana respect chaiyo haana. itype dziya dzino spinner pamasofa nxaaaa chakajaidzwa.

  6. Muterrorist apinda muparamende. Masanctions achatowanda ne vanhu vanotaura zvakadai. Togarepi ziva kuti kutaura kwaunoita kunoburitswa pasi rese. So the world is watching your words. Let me tell you that while l do not favour ED at the helm of the country, one thing is true, he has a more level head than you and will not accent to your ancient veiw

  7. That is madness. How do you prove that someone has called for sanctions. If you abuse your wife then she proceed to report you to her brothers or police leading to your arrest and issuance of peace order by court. Can we say the wife has asked sanctions against the husband?

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