Presidential Age Limit Should Be increased From 40 To 55 To Stop ‘Immature’ Candidates – Chinotimba

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Buhera South legislator and Zanu-PF politician Joseph Chinotimba has said that he is going to introduce a motion in Parliament which will increase the age limits for presidential candidates. Chinamasa denied that he was doing this to prevent MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, who turned 40 this year, from running for the next 15 year. Zanu-PF has a supermajority of more than two-thirds of the parliamentary seats, as a result, it can amend the Constitution which came into effect in 2013. Speaking to the Daily News, Chinotimba said,

I want the presidential age limit to change from 40 years to 55 or 60 years. I am going to introduce this motion in Parliament. This is because some of the presidential candidates are very young; they are not yet mature to lead this nation. We want people who know the history of this country, people who are responsible for their actions. I am not going to do this for Chamisa but I think it’s very important for our country.

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Joseph Chinotimba

Joseph Chinotimba is a war veteran, politician and former Harare City Council security guard who came into the limelight in the new millennium by organizing, directing and leading the famous farm invasions under the Third Chimurenga in the year 2000. Chinotimba was appointed Ambassador of... Read More About Joseph Chinotimba

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  1. Tuki Reply

    I agree with Cde Chinotimba.Maturity in such a high position as President is paramount. It should also be extended to all areas of political leadership.

    • Tapfirenyika Reply

      Are you normal, I mean are you for real?! Its not age that leads, read even in the bible, or even history tells it better. Think first before agreeing to anything.

      • Anonymous Reply

        Shame if you agree with chinos.saka zimbabwe zvairi in shambles yaitongwa nani ane 40.what history do we need to lead a do we attain history ?by leaving it or by reading it

    • dambudzo Reply

      kkkkkkkkkkkkiest zvimwe hazvidi zera zvinongoda uchenjeri nezodzo vakuru

  2. Nairobi Reply

    Maturity Has Nothing to do with age .Zimbabwe is not the country for old ages only .

  3. Nairobi Reply

    Zvavaitonga nyika madhara ane ma70 ne ma90 Years inga Zimbabwe Yakaparara wani .nhasi nyika yakaita marara asi haina kumbotongwa kan akutungamirirwa nepwere itai mushe

  4. Chesano Reply

    Haahaha maturity my foot! Now when the parliament approves this, thats immature

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Shame if you agree with chinos.saka zimbabwe zvairi in shambles yaitongwa nani ane 40.what history do we need to lead a do we attain history ?by leaving it or by studying it

  6. kid marongorongo Reply

    imagine when a person like chamisa becomes president hahahahaaaa thats too much Zimbabwe should not fall and sink to such levels zvinhu zvedu hazvina zvazvo kubatana but not kuzosvika pakuita kapresident of such type kkkkkkk kushura mare chaiko kkkkkkk kamunhu kaya kanofanira kuno actor na baba tencen kana ana gonyeti not to rrule zimbabwe tonyarirepi.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    vaChinoz we the people will introduce a motion that anyone without a Masters must be recalled from national assembly immediately. Secondly we will call for retirement age to be the same for every civil servant. You know 80% of you will be jobless by end 2018. Ndimi vanhu vanofunga kuti as long as people eat sadza nemutsotso then its ok. lmi muchityaira mota dzine mutupo nekugara dzimba dzinoyera. Oppressors never cease to amaize me. And it begins with you. hahahaha

  8. Put Put Reply

    Tino kuvhoterai kuti muise mamotions ano developer nyika taurirai vazukuru venyu ngano idzodzo

  9. Ndozvibhuya Reply

    Umwe akapotsa padikidiki kupushwa pawheelchair kubuda nekupinda mupresidential office bt Zimbabwe iscrap yard……read yo bibles abt David hu slayed tens of thousands. Spare us ngano dzako Chinozi. Zvimavende.

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