We’ll Respect Court Verdict On Chamisa Election Challenge, Zanu-PF Tells The US

Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Sibusiso Moyo, has said that the government is ready to accept the verdict of the Constitutional Court on the election victory challenge by MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa.

Writing an opinion piece in a US political publication, The Daily Caller, Moyo said:

The opposition are welcome to challenge the presidential result in court. Indeed, political stakeholders across the spectrum have urged them to rather than take to the streets. The allegations will then receive the scrutiny of court rather than the receptivity of the mob; the violent minority amongst the peaceful crowd.

The claim will then be decisively found void or justified. The government shall respect this verdict and implement it – just as it shall with the independent commission’s conclusion on the incidents following polling day. Then Zimbabwe can move forward.

Nevertheless, I feel confident that the court will not find in the opposition’s favor.

S.B. Moyo, then part of the military, announced the military coup on national TV in Zimbabwe in November 2018.

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Sibusiso MoyoConstitutional Court

Sibusiso Busi Moyo is a Zimbabwean politician and a retired three-star general in the Zimbabwe National Army. He is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Moyo retired from the Zimbabwe National Army with the rank of Lieutenant-General to pursue a career in... Read More About Sibusiso Moyo

The Constitutional Court is the final court of appeals for all matters relating to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, and its decisions are binding on all other courts in Zimbabwe. It has the power to make the final decision on the constitutionality of an act of... Read More About Constitutional Court


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7 comments on “We’ll Respect Court Verdict On Chamisa Election Challenge, Zanu-PF Tells The US

  1. Ipapa uchanzwa vanhu ve MDC vachiti we will not accept any verdict whis is not to our favor. ZANU pf is being abused kuti iyo chete ndiyo inofanirwa kuteererea mutemo vamwe vachingoita zvavanoda

  2. The courts are biased towards ZANU PF as evidenced by Mnangagwa’s interference with the Zimbabwean judiciary. He , Mnangagwa, exposed his foolishness to the Zimbabweans, africans and the global community at large by boasting that he instructed the court to release Tendai Biti after he was howled before the Harare magistrate court by the millitary to answer charges of inciting the mass to demonstrate against the way ZEC was announcing results and tempering with results.

  3. i respect your words mr sb moyo. but why USA yoga ko isu ma zimbabweans. mashoko a mwari anoti nguva yokuita kuda kwavahedheni yapera beware jehovha is watching you day and night. you can’t kill david kana asina kutonga saul akazviona izvozvo. uye pamakataura kuti chamisa ane basa guru ku generation makatoigochera pautsi maito mugadza basa ipapo.

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