Forcibly Returning Asylum Seekers To Country Of Origin Is A Serious Violation: UN Speaks On Biti Case

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has called on Zambia to investigate the incident where Zimbabwe politician Tendai Biti was returned to Zimbabwe after he was denied political asylum. The UNHCR said that this was a serious violation of international refugee law. In a statement, the UNHCR said,

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is gravely concerned about reports of the forced return of a Zimbabwean asylum-seeker by Zambia to his country of origin.

A senior Zimbabwean politician expressed the intention to seek asylum in Zambia at the border yesterday. It is reported that the authorities handed him over to his country of origin today despite a court order to the contrary.

Refoulement or forcibly returning refugees and asylum-seekers to their country of origin is a serious violation of international refugee law. UNHCR calls on Zambia to investigate this reported incident urgently.


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  1. Macdonald Reply

    This is shit for Zanu Pf how can they want to inaugurate someone who is not elected by people

  2. David Tongani Nyembe Reply

    This is total wrong for the Zambian government to notorious action.
    This will one day the same action which will not take time before Zambia will experience the same action against them.

  3. Annon Reply

    Ok. So its a serious violation and the UN says so…may I ask if they have told America this? Because it seems they missed that memo too.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    How many Zimbabwean asylum seekers were returned to zimbabwe by the UK? Did the UN condemn that at that time?

  5. Shepherd Dzingai Reply

    Zambians pretend to be our brothers. They don’t love Zimbabweans. UN, EU, USA put sanctions on Zambia too.

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