With Or Without EU Zimbabwe Will Continue: Temba Mliswa

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Former Zanu-PF Mashonaland West province chairperson and independent legislator for Norton Temba Mliswa has implied that Zimbabwe does not need the European Union (EU) to become prosperous.

Speaking on Twitter, Mliswa also criticised MDC Alliance top official and former Primary Education Minister David Coltart for trying to overturn the free, fair and credible environment that was there before the elections with what he termed “post election negativity”. He said such negativity is being caused by people who want to discredit Zimbabwe and cause instability.

In a series of tweets, Mliswa who is Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporter said Zimbabwe can become prosperous if it harnesses its resources and curbs corruption. He said if Zimbabwe is accountable for its resources people will be drawn to it. Said Mliswa:

There are people such as David Coltart who’re trying to overturn the pre-election free, fair and credible environment with post election negativity. The two are different and shouldn’t be confused. Post election negativity is being caused by those who lost in an attempt to discredit the country & create instability. Zimbabwe with/without EU will continue, what we need to work on is harnessing our resources and curbing corruption. If we’re accountable for resources people will come to us. Like our good weather, it’s not transferable, people come to us for it. The good soils, human capital etc they come to us, we’re a gem.

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Temba Mliswa is an outspoken Zimbabwean politician and the current Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency having won the by-election on 22 October 2016 as an independent candidate. He is the former current Parliamentary Portfolio Chairman on Mines and Energy. He is a former member... Read More About Temba Mliswa

David Coltart is a Zimbabwean lawyer, human rights advocate and politician. he is a member of the MDC party led by Welshman Ncube.In January of 2018 Senator Coltart issued an apology for his role as a member of the British South African Police in sustaining... Read More About David Coltart

Mashonaland West Province is one of the ten provinces in Zimbabwe. Its administrative capital is Chinhoyi. It includes areas such as Kariba, Hurungwe, Makonde, Chinhoyi, Zvimba, Norton, Chegutu, Kadoma, Mhondoro-Ngezi, Sanyati and Karoi. Read More About Mashonaland West Province

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  1. Worried Reply

    Haha if you want to start with corruption please take a look in the mirror… You so corrupt that even ZANU could not handle you. Your own record is there for all to see

  2. Anonymous Reply

    This basket mouth thinks he is the best politician. Zimbabwe starting from Mugabe’s time never moved an inch without support from those countries. Arguing with Themba is a waste of time gentleman. He is a psycho

  3. Medias Reply

    Themba is partly right. We must not wait to be spoon fed by the western countries, nobody is gonna come and build the country for us. its incumbent upon us to build our country on our own. We must look ourselves in the mirror, there are some people that are working very hard to attract negativity to the country, because they lost elections.Another good example of someone who is working hard to attract negativity for the country is Mr Biti!

  4. Worried Reply

    Be serious it’s now evidently clear that zec is compromised and that the figures have been inflated…maths doors not lie… In any case why would you vote MDC as president and ZANU as MP… There’s only negativity from our own people first because you still the election… But this time we on to you… And we need to liberate ourselves from the new colonisers

  5. githundu Reply

    Themba you lost. who was Zimbabwean’s largest trading block prior to 2000.
    If u have nothing to say usangovukura.

  6. githundu Reply

    Medias Zimbabwe cant leave in isolation. This only benefit people like Themba who have been busy looting our resources.

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