Against All Odds, I Came Third And Defeated 17 Men In Presidential Election: Khupe

The leader of the breakaway MDC-T party, Thokozani Khupe has said that she is pleased that she managed to defy negative stereotypes in the presidential election after she defeated 20 candidates to come third in the election. Khupe came third behind Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa after polling 45 573 votes, which translates to 0.9 per cent of the total votes cast. Speaking at her post-election media briefing, Khupe said,

Against all odds, there are many people who were saying [that] you are living in a patriarchal society, a woman cannot be president. But, I am happy to see that against all odds we managed to come number three and I beat more than 17 men who were also contesting.

Khupe also said that she considered the July 30 elections to be the most free because people were able to campaign without being hunted by state agents. Said Khupe,

This was a free election, free in that Zimbabweans went out to vote, and for the first time I slept in my bed during the elections and didn’t send my kids away.

However, she questioned the credibility of the election saying that she had raised issues with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). She revealed that in a number of polling stations were her electoral agents and close family members had voted, she was still given zeroes on the presidential poll. She also highlighted the issue of one of her candidates, had also been given zeroes at the polling station where he had voted with his family. Said Khupe,

We have a council candidate who went in and voted together with his family but he got zero, my daughter and other family members went to vote and I got zero, so we have issues with how ZEC handled the election


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  1. Nothing to be proud of… You split the vote… No the new owners of the country used you… Should have got them out first…0.9% does not count… And means nothing… For all we know with the rigging you actually got less

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