Election Process, Results Show There Is No Reason For The U.S, Europe To Remove Sanctions: Wall Street Journal

The United States business-focused international publication, the Wall Street Journal has said that the recently held 2018 elections were not fair and show that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has adapted former President Robert Mugabe’s methods. The Wall Street Journal criticised how the election was run as well as the gunning down of at least six civilians after protests turned violent last Wednesday. According to the paper, there is no need to ease sanctions applied to Zimbabwe by the United States and Europe. In an article written by its editorial board, the Journal says,

…Security forces killed at least six opposition protesters, raided opposition headquarters and broke up a press conference at a Harare hotel Friday. Political intimidation and killings were a hallmark of the Mugabe era, and Mr. Mnangagwa, a former defense minister and spymaster, learned his trade well.

…The Trump Administration renewed sanctions on Mr. Mnangagwa and other Zanu-PF leaders in March, and the country remains unable to borrow from international institutions. The election process and results show there’s no reason for the U.S. or Europe to ease the diplomatic and financial pressure.

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  1. Zondi Reply

    Who will suffer if sanctions are not removed on Zimbabwe ? It is the Zimbabwean nationals who will suffer whether you are an MDC or ZANU PF member

  2. Pastor T Reply

    To hell with those who wish protesters had been left to stone, maim, kill and burn innocent persons. Kudos to the security establishment. The Wall Street jackals would have wanted the police and army to leave us at the mercy of violence mongers and murderers in the name of democracy, nonsense. Who knows what could have followed after the burning and stoning? Citizens should never be left to indulge in their appetite for beastliness. We voted and whatever politicians have done to defeat each other which did not include spilling of innocent blood is their business. We crave peace more than wins and losses.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    pity you pastor/imposter. what ever transpired noone must be killed. Cursed is he who spileth blood. May you receive the same

    • Anonymous Reply

      True. Pastor T is part of the evil Regine with no regard for people’s lives. Manje mukaperakuuraya vanhu vacho mosara michitonga ani?

  4. GGR Reply

    Guns for others with guns and law enforcement agencies for civil unrest. Soldiers should shoot at oother soldiers, Police are traimed to deal with civil unrest.

    Every soul is precious before God. Someone will always win an election if it is all done above board and everyone in agreement through transparency. Actually transparency is far above legalistic mantras. May the Lord look upon Zim with favour.

  5. Anonymous Reply


  6. Chaporonga Reply

    Elections were free and fair before and on the election day. Violence erupted only after MDC leaders incite their supporters to demonstrate violently. If sanctions are not removed the whole nation will suffer and even MDC Alliance supporters will not be spared.

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