Nail Polish, Artificial Nails Not Allowed On Left Hand Little Finger On Voting Day


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has advised that on election day, no nail polish (cutex) or fake nails will be allowed on the little finger of the left hand. This is due to the fact that starting with this election, voters will not be dipping their fingers in inkwells to prevent them from voting more than once. Zec abandoned the process saying that it is messy and in line with international best standards will instead be using marker pens. The new process will involve Zec marking the nail of the little finger with indelible ink.

If any person has nail polish or fake nails or both, they will be required to remove them first before voting.

In its manual for the Indelible Ink Marking Officer, Zec says

He/she should first check to see if a voter has any visible signs of indelible ink marking on his/her fingers. If the voter has dirty, discoloured or painted fingernails, the Indelible Ink Marking Officer must, clean the voter’s finger with acetone and cotton wool, inspect; it and if there is no ink marking – proceed to mark it. The finger will be marked by drawing a line that spans om the fingernail up to the cuticle.

Zec Commissioner Netsai Mushonga also confirmed the matter on social media saying,

Yes true, if you have fake nails on the smallest finger you will be asked to go and remove, same with cutex.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

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