DRC Ambassador Warns Mnangagwa, Says Mugabe Used To Complain That His Ministers Always Brought Corrupt Investors

Democratic Republic of Congo Ambassador to Zimbabwe and dean of the diplomatic corps, Mawampanga Mwana Nanga has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that not all investors work for the good of the host country. Speaking during the commemoration of Africa Anti-Corruption Day in Harare, Nanga warned that investors must be vetted. Said Nanga

As we speak today, the mantra of President Mnangagwa (Zimbabwe is open for business), I do applaud that, but when you open your country for business, you also open it for corruption…We cannot do without investors, but we have to be cautious as to whom we do our business with.

…When I was Minister of Finance, we had a meeting with former President Robert Mugabe in Lubumbashi. He said to me, ‘We have to invest, but every time I send my ministers to look for investors, they bring to me people who are very dirty and corrupt and I do not like them,

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