Shamu Clarifies Nobody Should Tell You Who To Vote For Statement

Speaking to NewsDay, former Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Webster Shamu explained a video clip in which he urged voters to vote for people of their choice in the July 30 harmonised elections insisting that no one should tell them who to vote for.

Shamu said he was simply underscoring the decision of the people when he told Zanu PF supporters to vote for their choice instead of naming them. Said Shamu:

I have never compromised my support of President ED (Mnangagwa), who is our candidate. I have been the political commissar of Zanu PF and I know what needs to be done for the party to achieve victory in the coming elections. Our presidential candidate is ED Mnangagwa and it’s the people’s choice and I was simply underscoring the fact that people should follow that choice. The primary elections also sealed the people’s choice

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  1. bheveni sibanda Reply

    Kwangove kudawo kuramba nyaya iri pachena kana asisade zvemusangano ngaasiye because ED haatadziswe naiye kupinda panyanga this time nekuti support yake tinayo uye tiri kumuvhotera

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