Mazowe Farmers Approach High Court To Evict Mugabe, Say He Illegally Grabbed  Their Farms

Former president Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and their family business Gushungo Holding have been sued at the High Court by three Mazowe farmers who are seeking to have them evicted. The three, Adonia Makombe, Sahungwe Hungwe and Nyika Chifamba, allege that they were illegally kicked off their farms in 2009 to make way for the Mugabes. The three say that they grabbed the farms in question in 2000 during the land reform days. Part of their farmers’ application at the High Court reads,

First plaintiff (Makombe) was allocated sub-division 1 measuring 34,38 hectares, second plaintiff (Hungwe) was allocated sub-division two measuring 39,06 hectares and third plaintiff (Chifamba) was allocated sub-division two measuring 31,25 hectares.

In removing plaintiffs from their plots the police were acting on the instructions of and for the benefit of second and third defendants (Mugabe and Grace). The first (Gushungo Holdings), second and third defendants have no rights over the land in question.

The farmers also named as respondents in the lawsuit Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Resettlement Perrance Shiri, Minister of Home Affairs Obert Mpofu and Chief Superintendents Nhubu and Kune.

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Perrance Shiri is a Zimbabwean politician and a retired four-star general in the Air Force of Zimbabwe. He is the current Minister of Lands Agriculture and Rural Resettlement. Shiri retired from the Air Force of Zimbabwe where he was the Commander to pursue a career... Read More About Perrance Shiri

Obert Moses Mpofu is a Zimbabwean politician with various business interests in mining, security and transport. He is the former Minister of Home Affairs. In December 2017 he was appointed as the Zanu-PF Secretary for administration. In February 2018 Mpofu was called before parliament to... Read More About Obert Mpofu

The High Court of Zimbabwe is one of the Superior Courts of Zimbabwe. The High Court deals at first instance with all high value and high importance cases. It also has a supervisory jurisdiction over all subordinate courts and tribunals. Appeals from the High Court... Read More About High Court

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