If Not Chamisa, Then Vote Mujuru But Not Mnangagwa: Former Minister

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Former deputy minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Godfrey Gandawa has urged his supporters and family to vote for anyone else except for President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the July 30 harmonised elections. Gandawa who was expelled from Zanu-PF in May on allegations of misconduct told supporters in Magunje,

They wanted to scare me, even intimidate me. They wanted to kill me. But I am not afraid. I’m not scared. If you want you can vote for Mnangagwa. Vote for him. As for me, he will never have my vote…Do you hear me? If you want. If you want. Vote for him. But he will never get my vote. Never! He never stood by me. He threw me away. I will not give him my vote. Never! He never stood by me. I will never vote for him.

The people who follow me, my relatives don’t give him your vote. There are a lot of people to vote for. Let me tell you. They want to destroy development in Hurungwe. It won’t happen. If you can’t vote for Chamisa, if you can’t vote for Chamisa, there is Mai Mujuru.

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Godfrey Gandawa

Dr. Godfrey Gandawa is the Deputy Minister at Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development in the government of Zimbabwe. He is also an entrepreneur and owner of Fuzzy Technologies a Zimbabwean company that supplies technology equipment and services. In October 2016... Read More About Godfrey Gandawa

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  1. Takesure Zvazviri Reply

    What do you expert to hear from Gandawa, Operation Restore Legacy yakakugadzirira size, you were used to looting under Mugabe. Gandawa you have been defeated, its wise for you to quit politics.

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