Vapostori “Anoint” Mnangagwa President. Tell Him Not To Allow Women To Lead

The VaPostori of  Johane Marange religious sect “anointed” Emmerson Mnangagwa as the leader of Zimbabwe today. They told him he has already won the 30 July elections and that he can stop campaigning.

The Vapostori also told him that he should not let women lead him because lest he suffers Mugabe’s fate. The different leaders that spoke told him:

Mr President, you can even go back and stop campaigning because you have begged the trophy already. There is nothing that this man (Noah Taguta, leader of the church) says and does not come to pass. My appeal to you is that please keep his word in good faith…

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The former President who was deposed was removed because he allowed a woman to take the lead. This church does not allow women to lead. If you (Mnangagwa) want to be a leader of this country, then don’t allow a woman to ruin it for you.

Mnangagwa’s visited their shrine in Marange today.

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