We Have Our Own Databases, Zec Did Not Give Us Anything: Zanu-PF Admits Sending Text Messages

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The ruling Zanu-PF has admitted that it sent unsolicited bulk SMS messages urging people to vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and for the specific aspiring members of parliament depending on their constituencies.  However, Zanu-PF refuted allegations that it had done so using a database obtained from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) or Potraz. The party claimed that it has its own database compiled when people attended the party’s cell-level meetings.

Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs, Paul Mangawana, told Business Times,

We took phone numbers from our supporters or potential supporters when we were updating our cell-registers. We don’t need anyone to give us people’s phone numbers. We don’t need the POTRAZ or ZEC to give us those numbers.

What happens is that in our party every cell has 50 members and every individual gives their details to the cells. When the data came to us, we were told that they were our members. We have no apologies

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Paul MangwanaEconet

Paul Mangwana is a Zimbabwean politician and lawyer. Mangwana is a member of Zanu-PF and the party's Secretary for legal affairs. He is a member of the party's central committee. Mangwana was a co-chair of the Constitution Select Committee charged with the drawing up a... Read More About Paul Mangwana

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  1. Shumbamhini Reply

    Ndokunonzi kurenyapa uku, I have never attended a ZANU-PF rally and how did you get my cellphone number

  2. pipiro Reply

    pure lie ini these thugs sent me a message but i never gave them my number mbavha idzo

  3. Annon Reply

    I have never been to cell meeting so where did they get my number?

  4. Dombo Reply

    who know maakuramba nhasi cause munoda kupa vanhu mhosva so do you think ZANU PF haina madata base ema supporters ayo here?

  5. murakashi Reply

    ma message ndiwo maelections here nhai imi mavakungotyawo imi

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Pure lies I have never been to any ZANU PF meeting or any political gathering for that matter. When register my econet line I was living in a different part of the Country. The only thing I did in my new location is resigister to vote!

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