Why Is Zanu-PF Always Defending, Excusing Zec’s Actions? – MDC Alliance

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The coalition of opposition parties, the MDC Alliance has accused Zanu-PF of colluding with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). The opposition argues that this is one of the main reasons why Zanu-PF is always defending and excusing Zec’s actions no matter how bad they are. This comes after Zec was accused of giving Zanu-PF its database to allow it to send unsolicited targeted SMS messages. Said MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa,

Zec has become an extension of Zanu PF. It is surprising that those in Zanu PF have become spokespersons of Zec. We have the likes of Pupurai Togarepi and Simon Khaya Moyo defending Zec. We have established that there is some sharing of data between Zanu PF and Zec, and we want that investigated. The worst and shameful scandal of the year is for Zec to connive and collude with ED and his crew to manipulate the ballot paper and share the electoral voters’ roll mobile database. We will defeat them all.

Jameson Timba, a senior MDC official and the chief elections agent for the MDC Alliance leader added,

If you want to know the mother of a tokoloshe (humanoid creature) beat it up and the mother will come out. Zanu PF has come out in the open defending Zec even though there are many things that are wrong with the commission. That is why you see Zanu PF’s spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo saying there is nothing wrong with Zec’s behaviour — they work together.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo denied the allegations saying that Zec was an independent body.

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