No Ghosts On Voters Roll, Just People With Same Surnames, First Names, Dates Of Birth: ZEC

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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) commissioners Qhubani Moyo and Netsai Mushonga have argued that there are no “ghosts” on the Voters’ Roll as has been alleged by some reports. The two commissioners argued that it was just a case of people with the same names, same surnames and in some cases the same dates of birth. Speaking on CapitalkFM, Mushonga said,

You can find a hundred Netsai Mushongas. It does not mean it’s one person who is scattered around the country. It means there are several Netsai Mushongas, sometimes even born on the same day. We have heard cases where people have the same name, they were born on the same day but they have different ID numbers and different fingerprints. So like a common surname, like Moyo, you can find many Moyos with the first name and the second name very similar…and even the date of birth. So we have a couple of those very common surnames like Mushonga, like Moyo. There can be so many Netsai Mushongas, I have met two Netsai Mushongas already in Zimbabwe… There are no ghost voters in our voters roll, its clean.

Commissioner Moyo added,

…it is preposterous that a newspaper can run a headline that is so misleading, that you have 250 000 ghost voters that are there. A clear lie by a media house. In fact, we are considering taking certain actions against such kind of lies…There is no ghost there.

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