Mnangagwa Looks Set To Win Even Without Cheating: University of London Professor

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Author and Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Stephen Chan has said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa looks set to win the July 30 elections. Chan who teaches on African Political Thought said that Mnangagwa was likely to continue former president Robert Mugabe’s legacy of winning elections. Speaking to SOAS Blog, Chan said,

This one is going to be historic simply because of his absence. But I think that his party and his successor President Mnangagwa will probably win. The opposition has not had a very good beginning to its campaign. It’s former leader died without anointing a successor; there have been all kinds of squabbles as to who that successor should be and their late start means that they may not be able to make up the headroom that Mnangagwa has been able to achieve. So without needing to cheat, I think the ruling party is likely to win this particular election.

The July 30 elections have a record 23 candidates contesting for the presidency.

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  1. T. Bunny Reply

    ZANU PF will obviously win these elections as the opposition is in shambles. Hope the ruling party wont be caught cheating. There is no need to cheat for sure. It would be embarrassing to be caught cheating in a race where u are already ahead.

  2. Nhapi Reply

    Maybe Prof doesn’t know what is happening on the ground. There was no late start from the opposition, it actually has so far conducted more rallies and campaigns compared to ZANU PF. These rallies are always packed to almost full capacity.

  3. Hazvinei Reply

    I have written to that Prof to find out how he came out with that analysis.

  4. Alex Rusero Reply

    Professor Chan remains the most articulate contemporary scholar of Zimbabwe’s politics in general and foreign policy in particular

  5. D Joubert Reply

    Dear Nutty Professor. You have absolutely no idea what has happened in Zimbabwe or what this election is truely about. You are about to get the fright of your life and Zimbabweans a new and positive direction.

  6. Brian Taderera Reply

    It is amazing how some naive MDC supporters dare to trash academics whose proffesional opinions are reached on the meritorius standing of knowledge.Professor Stephen Chan is neither a Zanu-pf supporter or sympathiser but his comments are based on research makers and bench marks .This is not Zanu -pf’s propaganda but reputable academic analysis which are going to be critical to resolve post election conflict when those who chose to be oblivious of the Zanu-pf’s superiority are already preparing to claim that they have been rigged.

  7. Munya Reply

    This is not based on research, its his heartly opinion. He most like said this in 2013 and some posted it lately.

    Zanu pf is besieged with more chaos than the opposition, in particular,MDC regrouped…..around the leader who was tasked to regroup the alliance, who also, naturally was suited to lead MDC.

    Mdc alliance started compaign early, has covered urban and rural areas. Zanu pf has not started, divided, mistrust each other and may not get 15% of the votes

  8. bheveni sibanda Reply

    I agree with this analysis kuti kufa kwaTswangirai kwasiya gwanza hombe risina anokwanisa kuvhara and the party is more divided than ever and this has left Mnangagwa ari pa advantage zvekuti kupinda ari kutopinda chete ED hapana mubvunzo MDC should try again kana varongeka after 5 yeras

  9. Takesure Zvazviri Reply

    Khupe and Chamisa made a grevious mistake to Tsvangirai`s inheritance there was no need for splitting. They should have solved their differences amicably. Look now there will be confusion for people especially those who can not read, the old age kumamisha uku, some of Chamisa`s supporters will end up voting for MDC- T thinking that its Chamisa`s party. Chamisa and Khupe are going to share votes and this will give ED an advantage and ED will win with a larger margin and so there is no need for rigging. I think thus why Chamisa wanted to boycott elections its not that elections are not free and fair but Chamisa wanted to solve the name issue.

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