Chigumba: “Foreign Observers Cannot Place Us Under Their Direction Or Control”

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba has said that the commission is not directed by foreign observers. Speaking to The Herald in an interview, the ZEC leader said that while the commission does engage with the observers to educate them on Zimbabwe’ electoral laws, it is not under their control.

“foreign observers or envoys cannot place us under their direction or control but we do have engagements with them, where they try and understand our electoral laws. We try and disseminate information saying in this jurisdiction this is what the law says with regards to such and such. We are not influenced by them although they are one of our vital stakeholders and we do have discussions with them.”

On Friday, the Election Observer Mission (EOM) said that great efforts must be made to ensure public and political confidence in the 2018 elections.

More: The Herald

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7 comments on “Chigumba: “Foreign Observers Cannot Place Us Under Their Direction Or Control”

  1. Kkkkkk. I thought ED needed this election to be as free as possible for him to attract Foreign Direct Investment and international goodwill. Therefore the concerns of the EU the most powerful economic blog in the world matter the most

  2. Chigumba is very right Zimbabwe is a a sovereign state we are not under Europe. The same way SADC OR AU or America will not intervene Willy nilly. MDC seems to think they are the only party that can legitimise this election they are very wrong. CHIGUMBA RELY ON THE LAWS OF OUR LAND NOT EUROSCEPTIC OR AMERICA OR EVEN BRITAIN. In my view ED had done a lot a vet big departure from Mugabe. I do not believe if Chamisa gets into Government he will do the same judging from his behaviour he is another dictator. OBSERVERS CANNOT DICTATE BUT OBSERVE AND MAKE THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS AND THEY MUST AGREE TO DISAGREE WITH US IT’S OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT. AS FOR INVESTORS IF THEY KNOW THEIR MONEY IS SAFE AND THEY CAN REPARTRIATE SOME OF THEIR MONEY BACK HOME THEY DO NOT NEED APPROVAL FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT TO INVEST THEIR MONEY IN OUR COUNTRY

  3. kusvika manzwisisa zvinoreva the word “sovereignty”ndiko kuti FDI igozouya muZimbabwe. corruption yenyu iyi vanhu imi????
    vana veZimbabwe havasi mapofu.

  4. Rule of law zvinoreva kuteedzera mutemo.so who is not following the law .and what does the law say ?

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