High Court Rejects Application To Have AFM Financial Accounts Audited, Says Leave If Unhappy With Leadership

Harare High Court judge Justice Happias Zhou has dismissed an application to have the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) church’s financial records audited externally. This came after AFM pastors Kefias Mujokeri and Paymore Murefu sued Aspher Madziyire, the president of the AFM saying that he had never conducted an audit in the 15 years he has been in office. However Justice Zhou dismissed the application saying,

Neither membership nor employment gives the applicants a legal right to the finances or other assets of the first respondent (AFM). The respondent as a church is a private organisation, which a member can choose to join or leave.

Members do not invest money in a church which would give them a right to its assets because the first respondent both in terms of its constitution and by the common law has a juristic personality, which is distinct from that of its members. Assets of the first respondent do not belong to its members.

…While its constitution gives it legal personality with the capacity to sue or be sued in its own name, the first respondent does not, by that fact, become a public institution.

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The High Court of Zimbabwe is one of the Superior Courts of Zimbabwe. The High Court deals at first instance with all high value and high importance cases. It also has a supervisory jurisdiction over all subordinate courts and tribunals. Appeals from the High Court... Read More About High Court

Reverend Aspher Madziyire is a Zimbabwean religious figure who is president of Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) and also pastor at A.F.M Grace Centre in Bulawayo. Read More About Aspher Madziyire

Happias Zhou is a Zimbabwean lawyer and a judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe. He was appointed by President Robert Mugabe in 2012. Justice Zhou was sworn in on the 2nd of May 2012, by President Robert Mugabe himself at State House at a... Read More About Happias Zhou


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