Military Warns Chamisa Over Associating With Mugabe Ahead of Elections

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa is reported to have been warned by the military not to associate with former president Robert Mugabe. There are fears that Mugabe who still feels betrayed by his ouster in November could choose to sabotage his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa by explicitly endorsing Chamisa. Security sources  and Zanu-PF officials who spoke to The Zimbabwe Independent said,

There are serious concerns within the top Zanu PF leadership and security circles that Mugabe might at the eleventh hour move to spoil Mnangagwa’s party. Right from the beginning, there was a plan to contain him because after any military takeover, either the incumbent is forced into exile, arrested and detained or is killed. In this case, nothing of the sort happened to Mugabe. He was only restricted to his home.

…The strategy is if he can’t endorse Mnangagwa, then he mustn’t go to Chamisa; he must be managed or contained. His involvement in politics, as we have already seen in the background, can cause problems.

Due to the factional fights over the years, Zanu PF is now very weak, particularly in Mashonaland region. The party and the military know that without those provinces they cannot win elections; that’s why they are worried about the possibility of Mugabe endorsing Chamisa.

The Independent reports that two army colonels warned Chamisa to stop associating with Mugabe. An MDC Alliance principal who spoke to the Independent said,

They told us that murikudya mutupo nezvamuri kuita (it is taboo to work with Mugabe).

Zimbabwe Defence Forces director of Public Relations, Colonel Overson Mugwisi denied that the military leadership was involved in threatening Chamisa and blamed rogue officers over the matter.

If there are people doing that, they are doing so individually and not at the instruction of their commanders.

More: The Zimbabwe Independent



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42 comments on “Military Warns Chamisa Over Associating With Mugabe Ahead of Elections

  1. UChamisa khanya azithathi kuhle ekhanda why ekhetha ukuzihlanganisa lomuntu abamkhipha eskhundleni engasafunwa yiZimbabwe yonke

  2. if Chamisa is hanging with Mugabe then he cant be trusted…if any1 goes near Mugabe that person is an enemy of progress

  3. we do not want to take our country back to the old gvt.Chamisa ts best you relax and watch E.D do his things rather than going to Mugabe

  4. The same thing eyayenzwa nguMugabe kuZimbabwe engaphansi kweZanuPF that’s the same thing azayenza kuMDC akuvuke wena Chamisa utshiye ukulala

  5. lets say Chamisa wins but he is on Mugabe’s side this means that all our efforts tichibvisa Mugabe mu office zvinenge zvatofa zakadaro?ihhhhhh guys lets vote wisely

  6. Mugabe akuvume lawe ukuthi sugugile utshiyane lepolitics bantu lomntwana uChamisa ayenze okwekhanda lakhe

  7. we tolerated chamisa’s baby tears, this thing of associating himself with the Mugabes will only anger the zimbabwean mases

  8. Really pple marched n celebrated yet fo e person hu hated him in speech is e vry person hu goes fo advise n money to …. indeed ts politics

  9. But shud he be surviving on e funds of e general population varikutumira maDollar paEcocash fo him to go and ax fo assistance frm MugEvil

  10. chamisa is politically confused. he now is seeking relevance in the wrong place. we rallied behind you but apa watisemesa wechidiki. sara wega

  11. No, absolutely not! If Chamisa keeps this on, he will lose my vote and i will campaign against him

      1. Ya kunzima if u Khamisa lo engawina ngeke akhone ukulibusa leli lilezibi ezidinga ukukhukhulwa kuqala ,eg Mugabe crew & ED ukunze akhone kumele athole ulwazi kukhulu

  12. It is Mugabe’s right to associate himself with a party of his choice. The army should stay out of politics.

  13. Have you ever heard CHAMISA directly critizing Mugabe ? He pours vitriol on ED daily CHAMISAS anwered was not convincing when when the news of him associating with Grace came out he talked of a bus which does not get full and one cannot just become Deputy just after joining there was no total denial. CHAMISA just wants money he is not principled at all

  14. Anything associated with Mugabe in this new dispensation should be condemned totally,people have spoken in last year November.

  15. Lets suppose its true that the military have warned Chamisa not to associate himself with Mugabe, the military will be helping Chamisa and not ZANU PF because by associating with Mugabe Chamisa will be doing more harm than good to himself because majority of Zimbabweans hate Mugabe with the exception of G40 cabal. Mugabe is no longer a threat to ZANU PF he was defeated for good.

  16. Hey guys these are zanu pf tricks to change your minds. Didn’t you hear Patrick Zhuwao denying it hindava mavekutochinjika brain zvakapusa kudaro imi

    1. Inga wani Zhuwao ati the support of Mugabe for Chamisa isn’t conditional but Mugabe said he wants an elected legitimate government not the one that took power through military involvement. Manje zanu pf inoda kuti vanhu mutochinja mind dzenyu muivhotere hameno zvenyu you are grown ups you think for yourselves

  17. Gravity look at Utterances from NPF about endorsing Chamisa ad getting Deputy presidency and assured of a number of seats people must wake up. I hope CHAMISAS Pilgrimage was not another attempt to hire Mosad like Mugabe

  18. even if it was remotely possible that Chamisa was coercing with Mugabe,( which is apparently false), you wouldnt want to asssociate with him but you would endorse Mnangagwa, who was mentored by Mugabe for 37 years? Cant u see the open truth?

  19. Its not true politics is a dirty game .Can’t you see its a way of decompaining Chamisa ,who doesn’t know that Mugabe is a right off even his wife is not loved by anyone in Zim .I dont know why she likes to be a leader like that but no one has ever liked her leadership.

  20. we are very confused now , we are not sure if Chamisa is MDC or ZANU, he started very well but i think he is going to lose the elections, watch and see.

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