Talks With MDC-T Collapsed Because Of Chamisa’s Dishonesty: Mujuru

In an interview with Capitalk Radio on Monday night, National People’s Part (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru said the talks with MDC-T collapsed because Nelson Chamisa was evasive and cunning.

She said they failed to agree on four items which included choosing the coalition’s leader, logos and symbols.

We had a Memorandum of Understanding which we agreed on together. We agreed on most of the things which were contained in that MOU. The things had to do with economic, social and political issues. We didn’t agree on four issues. We said let the people choose a person they want to lead the coalition and let there be no leader who imposes candidates. They refused this saying they had their own people already in Parliament whom they said should remain in Parliament. Because we believe in putting the people forward, we ended up not agreeing. We said the leader should represent Zimbabwe not NPP or MDC. By then they wanted Tsvangirai to be the leader. We also said let us have a logo which unites the people, but they refused saying they already have their logo. These are the issues which led to our disagreement. When we wanted to talk to Chamisa, we saw that he was evasive and cunning on most occasions, yet time was not on our side.

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Joice MujuruNelson Chamisa

Joice Runaida Mugari Mujuru is the interim president of new opposition political party in Zimbabwe, National People's Party. She is former Vice President of Zimbabwe, a position she has held from 2004 to December 2014. She is also former Vice President of Zimbabwe African National... Read More About Joice Mujuru

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician and current president of the Movement for Democratic Change. He was elected presdient at the party's congress on 25 May 2019. Chamisa is the former member of parliament for Kuwadzana , former Minister of Information and Technology , former... Read More About Nelson Chamisa


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25 comments on “Talks With MDC-T Collapsed Because Of Chamisa’s Dishonesty: Mujuru

  1. with 23 presidential candidates out of the total populace that are going to vote how do we expect to take over from zanu pf

  2. haaa mazviona manje i knew it he chamisa is power hungry he is not concerned about everyone he just want to be the pres period

  3. we can debate about this all night, all day, all week and all year it wont change, Chamisa is a liar, we all know this period

  4. both of these guys are liars and confused pretenders. less than a moth after mujuru was jettisoned she started singing anti zanu pf songs forgetting that the party helped rise to where she was. so we cannot listen to both these hypocrites

  5. mujuru should have joined the mdc alliance to stand a better chance against the Giant. Zanu pf is a massive giant that two toddlers cannot take on… rest in peace opposition parties. zanu pf will destroy you left right and center

  6. one thing that will make zanu pf win the election apart from its massive masses is its discipline, and consistency. im not zanu but i must admit, its spread across the country makes it an impossible party to destroy

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