We Are Still Waiting For Real Political, Economic Change Six Months After Mugabe: War Veterans


Members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) have complained that they are still to experience any real change after helping in the fight to oust former President Robert Mugabe. The veterans claimed that they have been discarded by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Speaking to NewsDay, ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said,

The ZNLWVA has noted with serious concern that hardly less than six months, the nation has forgotten the brave and unwavering battles against Mugabe and his wife (former First Lady) Grace’s [Mugabe] endeavour and restless desire to establish a dynasty.  The show is being stolen away from the war veterans… Those who were idling, bootlicking, hiding in trenches got promoted at the expense of the war veterans and the masses.

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Those who were staunch supporters of G40 are now starting to congregate around the political leadership and the President, this way not much change will be realised. Political cheating, lip service to both government and the party (Zanu PF), those with political eyes can recognise the ugly face of the former. I pray to God for  new mandate of government. War veterans are waiting eagerly and expecting real change politically, economically and socially.

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15 comments on “We Are Still Waiting For Real Political, Economic Change Six Months After Mugabe: War Veterans

  1. re engagement ,reconciliation ,electricity ,women bank has been opened,corruption has been dealt with, no more police in roads and those who were our enemies are now our friends

  2. development and change is not a one day matter ma cdes i think it is a gradual process to achieve so for the moment i think lets give the new dispensation a chance to perform wonders

  3. So far there is transparency and accountability in the gvt..equal distribution of services for example during Mugabe’s time maroads aigadzirwa ndoainyanyo shandiswa naPresident but now maroads arikugadzirwa ese

  4. what changes are these guys looking for? mnangagwa has done the unthinkable in 6 moths and as progressive Zimbabweans we must work together to build our nation, not this nonsense

  5. re engagement with the west and the international community at large was one of the biggest things ed had to deal with and he manged to handle it well. this guy is a legend for all i know. ED WOYEEEEEEE

  6. improvement of the local education sector… he introduced incubtion centers…. he slashed attachment fees for all tertiary institutions… President Mnangagwa has done lot… it is only those with the mid of a rat that think ed has done nothing

  7. command agriculture brought about food security for the nation. now zimbabwe can go for over a year surviving on the stored grain. command fisheries also bring more food to the nation

  8. he has introduced the women’s bank, now he is opening the youth’s bank… this is development. and still someone says ed has done nothing. really

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